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How to Label for Winter Sports and Gear

Ariel Luy


Nov 15, 22

How to Label for Winter Sports and Gear

Baby, it's cold(er) outside! As we enter these winter months, many families are busy unpacking their winter clothing and sports equipment for their annual ski trips, weekend snowboard runs, or daily visits to the ice rink.

Whether your participation in winter sports is annual, monthly, or daily, we are sure that we can all agree on the importance of caring for winter sports gear.

Sports gear can be pricey to purchase, so it is important to protect your belongings to avoid replacing them. One of the best ways to protect equipment is by properly labeling them.

Labels are key when it comes to busy families. Not only do they guarantee your children's personal items will return to their rightful owner, but they're essential to avoid mix-ups within their whole team or classroom.

What to Keep in Mind for Labeling Sports Equipment

When labeling winter sports and gear, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the label can withstand cold temperatures. Second, use labels that won't fade in the sun or be obscured by snow or ice. Third, choose labels that won't fall off in the middle of a game or while out on the slopes.

Here are some tips for choosing the right label material and adhesive for your winter sports and gear:

- Use a durable label material like polyester or vinyl.

- Choose a label adhesive that can withstand water and cold weather

- If you are using the labels outdoors, ensure they're UV resistant.

- If you're worried about labels falling off in the middle of a game or while out on the slopes, choose a label with a strong adhesive.

With those requirements established, now comes the question of: Where am I going to find those types of labels?

Fret not, Name Bubbles has the best labels for you.

Why Pick Name Bubbles?

Not only are our labels waterproof, but they are super easy to apply, made of durable vinyl material, won't fade in the sun, and are easy to customize for your child. Check, check, and check.

Our waterproof labels have been used to label clothes and sports equipment since our President and Founder, Michelle, created Name Bubbles in 2009. Our revolutionary design and materials guarantee that your labels are built to last, making them perfect for any winter sports equipment like helmets, heavy garments, and gear.

Not only are they waterproof, but they are also laundry-proof. This means that gloves, sweaters, mittens, and jerseys will still have their sports labels coming in and out of the wash.

Name Bubbles sells clothing labels in two varieties: Stick-on clothing labels and iron-on labels. What is the difference between our stick-on clothing labels and our iron-on clothing labels? Our iron-on clothing labels are a more durable and permanent labeling solution. To secure the iron-on custom labels in place, they require an iron. Our stick-on clothing labels can simply be applied to a clothing care tag or brand stamp for faster application. All you have to do is peel, press, and stick the clothing label to the tag, and you’re all set - no iron needed.

However, both of our varieties offer a multitude of adorable designs. Try our Mountain Top design if your little ones are a fan of the great outdoors and enjoy skiing or snowboarding. If your kiddos go crazy for color, they'll love our Tie Dye Design or our Rainbow Labels! But, regardless of your kid's interest, they will easily find labels they will love on our website.

How to Label Winter Sports Gear Properly

Now that you have found the best sports labels, it's time to label your sports equipment properly.

When applying your labels, you want to ensure the desired spot has been cleansed and is dry of any liquid. Remember that our stick-on clothing labels will only work if they have an area to grip onto. This can be a clothing care tag or brand stamp, depending on which type of clothing label type you select before checkout. With all our labels, you will want to ensure that you allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before making direct contact with water. This will ensure the labels will wear well throughout the sports season and into the future!

Labeling Equipment Has Never Been Easier

And just like that – you have properly labeled your gear for winter sports! Your kids' coaches will thank you when they can identify where lost shoulder pads, ice skates, or water bottles belong.

Check out this video here if you want to see our labels after three years of use on a pair of skis!

To start designing your own labels, click here.

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