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Encouraging Enthusiasm with the Positivity Project

Ariel Luy


Sep 13, 22

Enthusiasm is like Lemon Zest

Have you ever made a recipe that includes lemon zest? Lemon zest, or the small peelings of a lemon’s skin, have the power to transform a recipe by adding a lemon-y zing! While it might seem like such a small addition, zest can have a huge impact on the recipe’s results. 

Just like lemon zest, enthusiasm or zest can make a huge difference in life. It is important to encourage your children to embrace their own “zest” and to live their life full of passion. Enthusiasm is one of the character traits that might be overlooked, but make a world of difference in someone’s life. 

So what does enthusiasm mean? According to the Positivity Project, it means that “you approach life with excitement and energy. You energize people around you.” 

It is important to encourage your kids to be excited about their lives! Whether it’s their involvement at school, their friendships with their peers, their growing hobbies and interests – anything your kids encounter should be met with positive energy and a passionate zest. 

Why does Enthusiasm matter? 

Well for one, enthusiasm or a passion for life will lead to “high levels of success, happiness, and achievement”. Not only will passion for school, friendships, and hobbies translate to greater success, but it will encourage your kids to greet every opportunity with enthusiasm and an excited spirit. 

Second, enthusiasm is contagious! This is a personality trait that spreads to those around you and when your kids greet life with their excited spirit, those around them can’t help but notice.

Their zest will have a domino effect – slowly spreading through everyone they meet and in turn, the world around them will become a positive and passionate place. Enthusiasm is makes the world a better place. 

How can you encourage Enthusiasm? 

Help your little ones find hobbies that ignite their passions and bring them excitement. Encourage your kids to be curious and to dream. Be passionate about your own hobbies, work, and friendships and in turn, your enthusiasm will spread to your kids. 

The Positivity Project also advises that zest “is a strength that has strong connotations with both physical and mental vitality and well-being. It can be fortified through diet, exercise, mindset, and social connection.”  Encourage your little ones to travel always with their heart and bring their zest for life to everything! 

And, to leave you with a quote, we love these words from Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” 

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