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Checklist for Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp

JoAnna Schwartz


Apr 20, 21

Summer is approaching, and that means it’s time for summer camp!

It looks like there will be more options this year with summer camp activities as vaccinations continue to roll out, and we’ve all become better at managing life during the pandemic. This is excellent news for everyone. Your little ones are going to love making new friends and having different experiences. And you’ll love having a little time to yourself after an incredibly trying year.

So, what do you need to know to make camp as successful as possible for everyone? The first thing to do is compile a checklist of summer camp supplies. This way, you’ll know all the important gear is packed along with that special stuffed buddy that has to go everywhere your kiddo goes. We’ve compiled a pretty great checklist for summer camp – check it out.

• Clothes
• Enough shorts for each day of camp
• T-shirts for each day with one extra throw-in
• A sweatshirt
• Lightweight jacket or windbreaker
• Jeans
• Socks and underwear for each day with an extra of each
• Tennis shoes
• Aqua socks for swimming Name Bubbles summer camp labels.
• Swimsuit/Cover-up
• Pajamas for overnight trips
• Raincoat or rain gear
• Face masks
• A hat
• Sunglasses
• Camp Gear
• Tent
• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Mess kit
• Canteen
• Water bottle
• Flashlight (extra batteries)
• Backpack
• Toiletries
• Medications
• Soap
• Towel/Beach towel
• Toothbrush and paste
• Sunscreen
• Bug spray
• Hairbrush/comb
• Hair accessories
• Shampoo/conditioner
• Tissues
• Mirror
• Extras
• Special toys or snuggies
• Cell phone/charger
• Book
• Games
• Snacks
• Laundry sack
• Camp specific supplies
• Labels

The Little Label Secret for Campers
One glance at the camp checklist, and you know there is quite an investment in all of those supplies. You also know your little one isn’t the best at keeping track of their things. That’s where Name Bubbles steps in and gives you the solution to collecting your kid’s gear at the end of camp.

Our Name Bubbles Camp Value Packs give you a massive amount of labels so that every little item can be labeled. They include iron-on and stick-on options that are waterproof and weatherproof. That means these labels stay on unless they are intentionally picked off.

Not only that, which is a pretty big deal in itself, but our labels are downright adorable. We love to stay on top of what’s trending and create irresistibly cute labels. From camp-themed skyscapes to lovable llamas, we’ve got them all. There are even sports label packs for your athletic enthusiast.

Labeling for Health and Safety
Name Bubbles safety labels for diabetics. While labels help your child collect their possessions at the end of camp, they also perform a pretty important function, especially during COVID. Having labels on everything instantly helps your kids identify their stuff before they use it. They’re getting pretty good about understanding germs and how to avoid them, but kids are still kids, and they might not realize the red toothbrush they grab isn’t theirs before they use it. But with a label on it, then they know. It also reminds them to be a little more diligent when they’re around other kids.

Having everything labeled also makes it easier for their stuff to find its way back to them during camp. While losing a sock at camp isn’t a big deal, losing a pillow or a sweatshirt can be, and losing medication can be a huge problem. With labels, the items are easier to identify and match back up with their proper owner. This is one thing camp staff loves about parents who use labels. The camp lost and found is so much easier to manage. You’ll also appreciate not having to dig through it to find your child’s favorite t-shirt.

Extra Labels for Campers
Make sure that you have extra labels on your checklist. This is one tip we love to share because we’ve found it incredibly useful. Camps almost always feature some arts and crafts project or camp-themed giveaway. These items instantly become cherished mementos, and if they’re lost, it can lead to heartbreak.

If your child has stickers that they can immediately use to label their new treasures, then it’s easier to keep track of this irreplaceable item. Believe us - this helps prevent a lot of tears. And nobody wants that.

Emotionally Preparing for Sleepaway Camp
This summer will be an interesting one for many families because we’re all re-adjusting from last year. Either certain camp programs were canceled, or parents opted not to send kids to sleepaway events. Even if your child has gone to sleepaway camp in past years, returning to this lifestyle could mean separation anxiety for everyone - including you! The fear associated with germs and COVID can make the separation even harder than it was previously. Your child might be dealing with fears of being “unsafe,” which should be addressed before leaving home.

The best way to approach all of this is to anticipate it and be proactive. Talk to your child about how you’re going to miss them, and you know they’ll miss you. Try to arrange a way to coordinate regular check-ins. You don’t want them missing out on the fun because they’re constantly messaging you, but a touch base phone call at night can do a lot for everyone’s emotional health.

Another way to ease the stress is to make sure your little one has a buddy. Find another family who is sending their child to the same camp, and it won’t feel so strange and new.

Using our checklist, labeling information, and other tips will help you prepare for summer camp and will let your little one focus on having fun so they can create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Hopefully, we’ve also prepared you for a bit of separation anxiety, so you are ready to navigate those waters.

Thank you again for joining us on The Weekly Bubble. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the upcoming camp season.

We’ll talk to you next time!

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