Custom Camp Labels

Custom Camp Labels

Custom Camp Labels

Our Camp Labels Packs provide peace of mind when you send your child to summer camp, knowing that all of their camp gear is labeled. With our camp labels, you can count on all of your camper’s belongings returning home with them. Designed to be extra durable to handle your camper’s big adventures, these kids’ labels for camp are washable and sunblock and bug spray-proof.

Custom Camp Labels

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sleepaway camp labels pack

Pixels Sleepaway Camp Labels Pack

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Make getting ready for summer camp a breeze with a Name Bubbles Camp Labels Pack on hand. Designed with your camper in mind, we offer several different Camp Label Packs, filled with a variety of label shapes and sizes. Our packs will help you label all of your camper’s belongings, so everything you send to camp comes home..

Our Custom Camp Label Packs are perfect for any kid enrolled in a fun summer day camp, swimming lessons, sports camp, or even perfect for staying organized on a family camping trip. The Name Bubbles Camp Label Pack is filled with personalized stick-on waterproof name & camp clothing labels, iron-on clothing labels, and shoe labels, so that all of their camping gear is bound to remain in the right bag, right bunk, or with the right camper. We've included a variety of different clothing labels for camp in all types and sizes to easily label anything from luggage, totes, and trunks to water bottles, swimsuits, and towels.

For those summertime adventures or longer trips that require more items to be packed and labeled, the Sleepaway Camp Labels Pack will be your camper's rock. Our Sleepaway Camp Labels Pack is the larger, more extensive version of our Camp Labels Packs that will accommodate all the additional camping supplies your child will need to have packed in their trunk from clothing, rain gear, and shoes to jackets, sleeping bags, and hoodies. Don’t miss some of our customers’ favorite camp label patterns, like our Tie-Dye Name Labels For Camp, Camo Camp Labels, and camp labels with cute icons.

All of our labels for camp are not only waterproof, but they are also dishwasher safe, laundry safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and sunblock and bug repellant proof. You can be assured that no matter how dirty, slimy, sticky, or wet your kid's hands and stuff gets, these stick-on and iron-on camp labels will stay put on their belongings all summer long.


Will my child have enough labels in the camp labels pack?

We offer a camp labels pack for kids that features a variety of water-resistant name labels so you can tag all of your child's items they need when going to camp. All of the clothing labels for camp are waterproof and fully customizable to include your child's name. Our pack of labels for camp includes 29 waterproof [name labels]( of different shapes, 40 waterproof [stick-on clothing labels](, and four waterproof [shoe labels](

Are the Name Bubbles camp labels waterproof?

Our labels for camp are all made with waterproof material. Your children can use our clothing labels for camp to be sure all of the camp clothes return home and then go straight into the wash. The camp labels are water-resistant - safe to use in all wash cycles and the dryer. We even have labels for camp gear like snack containers, canteens, and water bottles that can safely go through the dishwasher.

How do I apply the iron-on camp labels to my child’s camp gear?

When applying the Name Bubbles iron-on camp labels to your child’s clothing, simply heat your iron to the highest setting that is safe for cotton. Ensure that your apparel is dry, and then peel the clothing label for camp from the sheet of labels. Place the label for camp where you’d like it on the clothing, and then cover the label with the included parchment paper. Then, press the iron onto the iron-on camp label for 15-20 seconds. The camp clothing label should be securely in place - ready for your child’s adventure.

What types of items should be labeled with Name Bubbles labels for camp?

When your child heads off to sleepaway camp, you should be sure that all of their belongings are labeled with our custom camp labels. Be sure to use our labels for camp on their duffle bags, water bottles, snack containers, sleeping bags, and toiletries. Our clothing labels for camp are ideal for all of their apparel, including swimsuits, to ensure that none of their clothes get misplaced.

How can I personalize the iron-on camp labels?

At Name Bubbles, we offer labels for camp which can be customized for each of your children. Create personalized camp labels by selecting your child’s favorite font, pattern, colors, and shapes. Add their name and any personal information like a phone number or email address that you want to be included on the camp clothing labels.

Which patterns and designs are available as camp clothing labels?

We have many cute designs to choose from for our clothing labels for camp. Your little camper can select from our adorable prints such as ballet slippers, soccer balls, marble, mountain tops, unicorns, tie-dye, two-tone, baseballs, and more. They can choose their favorite camp labels to express their unique personalities. Then, simply attach the labels to their camp gear. See our entire selection of [name labels for clothing]( to see even more patterns available.