Name Labels for Clothes

Name Labels for Clothes

Name Labels for Clothes

Shop our best-selling, easy-to-use name labels for clothes! These waterproof name labels for clothing are waterproof, play-proof, and laundry-safe! Made with premium material, Name Bubbles’ clothing labels for kids are durable and made to last the lifetime of your child’s clothing.

Name Labels for Clothes

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Shop Clothes Labels For Kids

Name Bubbles’ clothing labels are made from premium material and eco-friendly ink! All of our name stickers for clothes are super durable and laundry-safe! We have two types of clothing labels: laminated and unlaminated. Laminated name labels for clothes are best for clothing with tags, while the unlaminated option is for tagless clothing. With these options, we’ve got you (and your child’s clothing) covered!

Features of our clothing labels for kids:
• Waterproof
• Play-proof (your kiddo won’t sweat these labels off!)
• Laundry-safe
• Durable

Are you wondering how to label kids’ clothes? With Name Bubbles’ stick-on clothing labels, it’s easy! 
Simply peel and stick the custom clothing label on the care tag or brand stamp of apparel. The laundry-safe clothing labels should not be placed directly on the fabric itself. These stick-on clothing labels are extra durable! If you want a permanent labeling solution, try our iron-on clothing labels, which are also easy to apply in just a few simple steps!

Name stickers for kids’ clothes are helpful for keeping track of all of the articles of clothing they take with them every day. We know your kids have a tendency to lose their belongings at school, a friend’s house, daycare, and activities, and this doesn’t exclude their clothing. With Name Bubbles’ clothes labels, save money (no more replacing expensive clothing) and time searching for their t-shirts, hats, socks, and all their misplaced clothing with our name stickers for kids! While you are trying to keep track of their laundry, labels for shoes are also handy to keep their pairs of shoes together.

Shop individual label stickers for clothing or one of our name label packs for clothing! If you’re looking for a specific shape, we offer circle-shaped, square-shaped, rectangle-shaped, and tiny stick-on clothing labels, and circle, slim rectangle, and rectangle iron-on labels for clothes! Label clothes for daycare, school, camp, playdates, vacations, and more! It’s always a good idea to keep all of your kiddo’s apparel tagged!

If you’d like a mix of labels, then one of our name label value packs for clothes is perfect! We offer a clothing labels pack (this includes three shapes of labels for care tags and tagless clothing), iron-on labels pack (this includes two shapes of iron-on labels for clothes), and our camp clothing labels pack (this pack includes a set of iron-on clothes labels and a set of stick-on labels for clothing).

All of our clothing name stickers can be customized with unique patterns, prints, shapes, colors, and fonts. Your child will have a blast creating their personal name labels for clothing. Best of all, you’ll enjoy fewer trips to the lost and found with these kids’ clothing name tags!


How do you put name labels for clothing on apparel?

We offer two types of kids' clothing name tags - [stick-on clothing labels]( and [iron-on clothing labels]( For our stick-on name labels for clothing, simply peel the name label from the label sheet, and stick it to either the garment's tag (for clothing with tags) or to the garment's brand stamp (for tagless clothing). For our iron-on clothing name labels, heat an iron to the hottest cotton setting. Then, peel the kids’ clothing name tag from the label sheet, and place the label text side up onto the clothing. Cover the name label for clothing with the included parchment paper, and firmly press with a hot, dry iron for 15-20 seconds.

Are the kids’ clothing name tags washable?

Yes, all of our name labels for clothing are waterproof and laundry safe. The clothing name stickers stay securely in place on all articles of clothing as they run through regular wash cycles. Our name labels for clothing are waterproof and can be washed in hot or cold water temperatures.

Do you offer personalized name labels for clothing?

We offer personalized name labels for clothing through a few custom labeling options. You can create your own custom stick-on clothing labels or custom iron-on clothing labels. You can also create your own custom value pack of [stick-on clothing labels]( pack or [iron-on clothing labels pack]( All of these custom options of name labels for clothing give you the ability to create unique kids’ clothing name tags with many styles, colors, and fonts to choose from.

What types of name labels for clothing do you have?

At Name Bubbles, we have a large selection of clothing name stickers for kids. Choose from our [stick-on name labels for clothing]( for easy application or [iron-on kids’ clothing name tags]( for a more permanent label. We also have [shoe labels]( for kids’ sneakers, so they don’t misplace their shoes.

How can you personalize name labels for clothing?

Each of our clothing name stickers should include your child’s name. You can select their favorite font, as well as the print or pattern they like best. We have kids’ clothing name tags with basketballs, flannel, tie-dye, flowers, penguins, soccer, and more. On some larger name labels for clothing, you can add a phone number as well.

What material are the clothing name stickers made of?

Our name labels for clothing are made with premium vinyl material and eco-friendly ink. The Name Bubbles kids’ clothing name tags are permanent and waterproof and will stick around for the long haul. The clothing name stickers remain in place on your child’s apparel through the washer and the dryer and will last as long as your kid’s clothing.