Stick-On Clothing Labels

washer and dryer safe clothing labels on clothing care tags and brand stamps

Stick-On Clothing Labels

Our stick-on clothing labels are a quick and awesome option for your child's clothing. Choose between laminated clothing labels for clothing with care tags and unlaminated waterproof stick-on labels for tagless clothing.


Stick-On Clothing Labels

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Zoo Animals Clothing Labels

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Between sports, school, daycare, and play dates, it may seem like you are constantly replacing lost clothing items. Check to see if your child's clothing has care tags on them! If they do, then select the laminated labels. If they don't have a care tag and have a brand imprint instead, then choose the unlaminated labels as these will be able to stick to the screen print and won't move or fall off when you put them through the wash! Made from premium material and eco-friendly ink, these personalized stick-on clothing labels are top of the line. Whether you have clothing with care tags or tagless clothing, we have clothing label options for both. Stick them to t-shirts, coats, jeans, and bathing suits because these stick-on clothing labels are durable, waterproof, and also laundry and dryer safe, so you won't need to reapply them! Also, try our stick-on labels for bottles - perfect for the ones you send with your baby to daycare.


How can you apply the stick-on clothing labels? 

To apply the stick-on name labels for clothing, simply peel the label off the sheets. Then, press the [clothing labels]( on the clothing care tag or brand stamp. Our stick-on clothing labels should sit for 24 hours on the garments before being thrown in the washer and dryer. These waterproof stick-on labels will stay in place on your child’s apparel.

Are the stick-on name labels for clothing waterproof? 

Yes, all of the Name Bubbles stick-on clothing labels are waterproof and safe to put in a normal wash cycle. These waterproof stick-on labels will last as long as your child’s clothing. As a parent, you don’t need to worry about these waterproof stick-on clothing labels fading or peeling over time.

How can you personalize the stick-on clothing labels? 

You can customize your kiddo’s stick-on name labels for clothing by adding your child’s name to each label and choosing their favorite font. Personalize each waterproof stick-on clothing label by selecting your kid’s favorite color scheme and their preferred Name Bubbles print or pattern. The end result will be a unique stick-on clothing label for your child that will keep their clothes out of the lost and found.

Which Name Bubbles designs are available for the waterproof, stick-on clothing labels?

Many of our cute Name Bubbles prints are offered as stick-on name labels for clothing. You can select an adorable pattern from our stick-on clothing labels collection, including tie-dye, dots, arcade, flannel, rainbow zig-zag, bluebirds, cactus, watermelons, and bears. Your children will love these waterproof stick-on clothing labels.

What is the difference between stick-on name labels for clothing and iron-on labels?

Our stick-on clothing labels can be easily applied in a matter of minutes. Simply peel a waterproof stick-on clothing label from the sheet, and then press it onto the clothing brand stamp or care tag. The stick-on name label for clothing should stay securely in place after 24 hours. We do offer [iron-on clothing labels](, which are an even more secure and permanent solution for labeling your child’s clothes. These iron-on labels require an iron to secure the [name label]( to the fabric.