Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels

Pairs of shoes belong together, and with help from these personalized shoe labels, they’ll also stay on the right foot. Plus, these little kids’ shoe labels can help kids learn right from left as they pair shapes together. With custom shoe labels, your little one's shoes will always make it back home!

Shoe Labels

Ah, kids’ shoes. They always seem to go missing as you are rushing out the door... That's where our kids’ shoe labels come into play. Our shoe labels are designed to keep pairs together (and on the right feet). These peel and stick-on shoe labels come in two unique styles: your favorite kind of shoe or a shape that matches the style in the pack you have selected. Great for little ones that are still learning their right foot from the left foot, these matching shapes are a gentle reminder of which shoe goes on which foot. 


Place the labels for shoes inside the shoe on the base of the heel, and these labels will stick through any amount of use. Also, if you need a reminder, these washable name labels for shoes will stick through the laundry as well! Need we say more? Get these everyday custom name labels for shoes!


How should I apply the stick-on shoe labels? 

When labeling your kid’s shoes, stick the laminated shoe labels inside your child’s footwear. Simply peel the washable name labels for shoes from the Name Bubbles label sheet, and press them directly on the insole of the shoe. Then, let the kids’ shoe labels stick for 24 hours before washing the shoes. Our stick-on shoe labels will stay in place through each of your youngster’s adventures.

Can you put clothing labels on shoes?

Yes, you may use our [clothing labels]( for shoes, though we offer waterproof, laundry-safe stick-on shoe labels that include your child’s name. These shoe labels are specifically designed to help your children tell the left shoe from the right shoe, so they will learn their right from their left. These clothing and shoe labels help keep clothes and shoes out of the lost and found.

What comes in a kids’ shoe label pack?

Each of our shoe label packs comes with 32 [name labels]( that can be used on each pair of your child’s shoes. The sticker sheets have a stick-on shoe label for the left shoe and the right shoe. Your children will be able to easily tell the right and left shoes apart with the help of each shoe label shape and design so that they know which foot to put each shoe on.

What types of kids’ shoes should use our washable name labels?

Use our shoe labels on your child’s shoes for school, daycare, and sports. The stick-on shoe labels work perfectly for ballet slippers, gym sneakers, soccer cleats, winter boots, and camp shoes. Once the kids’ shoe labels are placed on the insole of each shoe, they can be thrown in the wash. Our washable name labels for shoes will stay put through each wash cycle.

What patterns are available as kids’ shoe labels?

Our stick-on shoe labels come in an assortment of adorable designs for your kids. Find your child’s favorite pattern and shape from a variety of Name Bubbles designs, including cupcakes, ballet slippers, rainbows, whales, elephants, trucks, dinosaurs, and more. All of our shoe labels come in pairs, and some are specific shapes that can be easily placed on each shoe so that your child’s footwear is labeled and won’t end up in the lost and found.