Daycare Label Packs

Our daycare labels are a must to make sure all of your little one’s belongings return home at pick-up. From bottles to bibs and those extra changes of clothes, these dishwasher and laundry safe labels are made to stick through it all.

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Test Collection

Test Collection

Test Collection

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Campsite Clothing Labels

80 Labels / $23.98

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Are you looking for an alternative to writing your child's name with a Sharpie? Name Bubbles makes the best dishwasher safe labels around. Simply press-and-stick these dishwasher safe labels to lunch supplies headed to school, sippy cups headed to daycare or food containers headed to the office.

With dozens of color, style and font choices to select from, your Name Bubbles labels can be truly personalized. The best part is your kids will love using the kids labels they helped design themselves. Custom labels on their school gear will keep expensive school items out of the lost and found and returned if something is left on the bus. Name Bubbles dishwasher safe stickers offer press-and-stick waterproof name labels for all daycare, school, and camp gear. These really are the best personalized waterproof labels!