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Finding a Moms Group Near You (What to Know Before You Go)

JoAnna Schwartz


Nov 08, 21

When it comes to parenting, you need a lot of support. Not just extra people there to help you do it all, but you need a few confidants, someone to ask questions, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to vent to. You need a Mom Group!

Mom groups can be amazing. It's where lifelong friendships are forged, not just for you but often for the little ones too. These people are complete blessings when you've had the worst day ever, and you need a friend. They're also people who will look to you for help, and you can share the wisdom you've gained.

How To Find a Mom's Group
Whether you're proactive and looking for a group as soon as you know, you're pregnant, or if you've finally sent your kiddos off to school and now feel you have the time to socialize a bit, there's a mom group for that. So, how do you find one? These tips can help you find a mom's group and determine if it's the right one for you.

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  • Ask around. Referrals and first-hand information are always helpful because they can give you the low-down on what the group is really like. *Tip – don't just ask the friends you already have. You're interested in branching out, right? Ask moms you see in the park, in the grocery store, in church – anytime you strike up a conversation with another mom.
  • Look online. Some moms prefer to do all of their mommy group events online, but in-person groups also have a lot of information posted online, and it can help narrow down your local options.
  • Check with your doctor. Your OB/GYN may have some groups for you, or their staff might know of some, and checking with your child's pediatrician and the hospital should give you more options.
  • Family-friendly centers. Local libraries, community centers, YMCAs, and churches may have groups they've helped create and host. If not, they often have bulletin boards where you might find a posting about a mom's group.
  • Make your own. If you're not finding anything or the things you see aren't what you're looking for – be that go-getter that creates their own mommy group. Why not?

What to Know About a Mom Group
If this is your first time doing anything like this, it can feel weird, almost like going to school for the first time. The best part is, and it's important to remember this, you have choices. If you go to a mother's group and discover you don't like the group, you can leave and find another one. But give it a chance. The odds are you're going to connect with someone and really value the friendships you develop.

  • Does the group have any requirements or special interests? Some mommy groups are for children of a certain age or for children with disabilities, etc. Most of these mom groups are very upfront about their focus, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  • How often do they meet? It's important to see how the group's meet-ups will fit in your schedule. If they meet weekly and you can only come every other week, it might be harder to feel like a part of the group. Of course, there's the flip side where you want to meet often, and the group only meets monthly.
  • How many are in the group? Again, this plays into your comfort level. Are you looking for a community or just one or two new friends?
  • Where does the group meet?Knowing where the group meets helps you get the right mindset for the first day. Dinner and drinks are very different from a playdate at the park with kiddos in tow.
  • What do they do when they meet? Similar to the question above, what's going to happen when you meet these moms? It's better to know in advance so you can prepare.
  • Are you required or expected to bring anything? And speaking of preparation, some mom groups might require you to bring a dish to pass or something along those lines. It's one of those questions that it never hurts to ask.
  • Do the meetings include children? Probably, the most important question is, is this a mommy group that includes children or not? Many groups do allow children, and it's a time for the kids to play with others and the mothers to share information. But there are mom groups designed to give exhausted mothers a little break and time away from their kids. All you'll talk about is probably your children, but at least you get to step away for a while.

What To Know Before You Go - Labeling
Alright, you've gathered all the pertinent information and found the group you're going to join, or at least audition. Do you have your labels ready?

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The best part is that our labels are customizable, so you get to choose from a variety of trendy and adorable themes, pick your color palette, shapes, and you can decide what they're going to say. This avoids any confusion with store-bought stickers that are all the same. At a glance, you will know which labels are yours.

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Labeling all of your stuff not only ensures your child gets their possessions back, but it helps prevent arguments and bad feelings later and can help your little one learn to appreciate their belongings and share.

Thank you again for joining us for another edition of The Weekly Bubble! If you have any questions about or anything else on your mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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