Michelle Brandriss

Founder and President of Name Bubbles

About Us

Michelle Brandriss, founder and President, started Name Bubbles as a way to help other parents stay organized. After her experience of sending her son off to daycare only to discover half the things she packed for him didn't return home, she resorted to the tape and permanent marker method (gasp!).

To her dismay, the tape either peeled or fell off in the dishwasher. This hot-fix solution didn't cut it, and with a severe nut allergy, she knew she couldn't send her son off like that!

The outcome? She discovered a new way to label, and NameBubbles.com was born! Today, it' s been more than 15 years in the business. We ' re still loved by parents worldwide and parent-owned and operated. We ensure Name Bubbles is non-toxic through thirdparty testing. And we're always coming up with new ways to help both parents and kids stay organized!

So, When Someone Asks...

What's Name Bubbles?
It's the best kid's name label company in the world, and it all starts at the heart of the matter... our core values.
What's Name Bubbles?
It's the best kid's name label company in the world, and it all starts at the heart of the matter... our core values.

Our Core Values

A masterpiece on the make

As a company and a community, we are defined by how we work together and treat our customers. Though we strive for perfection in every order, we understand and accept our limitations and consider ourselves “A work in progress” or, as a few of us might say, “A masterpiece on the make.” Every year, we reassess our accomplishments and failures to find better solutions for our processes and name labels. Though improvements can always be made, we are doing our best to be a little more like Mary Poppins every day

Step up and help

Bring a positive vibe

We were once a startup and have learned a lot of hard lessons along the way. We’ve discovered two key ingredients that each employee must have: the willingness to step up and help and bring a positive vibe. Teamwork ensures that no one carries a burden alone, and the wins are much more fun when they are celebrated together. As a collective, we share the ups and downs of the companyand work towards the same positive goals.

Follow Through

Think like a rubber band

So, if a company has vital ingredients, it must also have a secret sauce. Though we would love to say that it’s our bubbling personalities with a dash of sunshine and positivity, it’s much more grounded. Simply put but not so simple to do... we follow through. With a little bit of teamwork, the company hive moves together, and solutions will be found, goals met, and problems solved.

If Name Bubbles has a superpower, it’s being flexible and adaptable, the ultimate rubber band. The company may stretch beyond its limits to reach and capture a goal yet keep it all together in a contained unit. Once we breathe a sigh of relief, we look for the next destination or obstacle we need to move or stretch for. We are in constant change, perhaps even changing direction. Banding up goals, then stretching out to see what other opportunities should be considered.

Thanks For Growing Up With Us

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Absolutely thrilled with these labels! Not only are they super cute, but they're incredibly durable too. Survived countless washes and my little one's outdoor adventures. Will be ordering again for the next school year!

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Short and sweet: Best labels ever. Period.

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Really nice designs and they adhere well. Quality-wise, they're top-notch.

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I was hesitant at first - yet another label for my kid's stuff. But WOW, these blew me away. They're easy to use, don’t peel, and the colors remain vibrant. It’s a game-changer for busy moms like me!

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I bought a pack for each of my three children. They love picking out their own designs and personalizing their school items. Makes mornings a bit easier since they can quickly identify their belongings. Just wish there were more packs with mixed designs for variety. Overall, quite satisfied.