Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

iron-on clothing labels on pink and gray shirt and purple socks

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

Made for those who would prefer a more permanent label that can stick directly to the fabric, our Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels are perfect for labeling socks, towels, hats, and more!

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

custom iron-on labels for clothing iron-on name labels personalized iron-on labels

iron-on clothing labels

Custom Iron-On Name Labels for Clothing

68 Labels / $29.99

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Our iron-on clothing labels come in handy for kids who hate the feeling of care tags itching the back of their necks, and parents cut them right off to avoid their kids pulling at the collar and stretching the shirt. Without the care tag or brand imprint on the clothing, there is still hope for keeping the items out of the lost and found! Our iron-on clothing labels can be placed directly on almost any fabric, and with our super easy instructions on how to iron them on, these durable iron-on labels will stay put through any wash and care cycle! Made from premium material and eco-friendly ink, these custom iron-on clothing labels are top of the line. Press an iron to t-shirts, socks, towels, coats, mittens, hats, and more because these iron-on custom labels are durable, waterproof, and also laundry and dryer safe, so you won't need to reapply them! Check out our entire selection of clothing labels that can be personalized with your child’s favorite pattern and color.


How long-lasting are iron-on labels?

These iron-on name labels are nearly impossible to remove once ironed on. Our iron-on clothing labels pack allows you to customize our [clothing labels]( with your child's name. The iron-on kids’ labels included in this pack of personalized clothing labels are waterproof and laundry safe. Our pack of kids' iron-on name labels for clothing includes 52 waterproof slim rectangle clothing name labels and 16 waterproof contact iron-on clothing name labels. With our pack of iron-on custom labels, you will have more than enough labels to apply to all of your child's clothing items!

How should you apply the iron-on name labels to your apparel? 

Our Name Bubbles iron-on clothing labels are easy to apply. All you have to do is heat your iron to its highest cotton setting. Be sure that the fabric is clean and dry, and do not use water or steam settings on your iron. Next, peel an iron-on name label from the sheet, and place it where you’d like it to go on your child’s clothes. Then, take the included parchment paper, place it over the iron-on kids’ label, and press the iron to it for about 15-20 seconds. Make sure the iron-on clothing label doesn’t curl and that it stays securely in place. Otherwise, repeat as necessary until the iron-on clothing label is secure. The labels can be washed and will stay in place. 

Which sizes of iron-on labels are available? 

At Name Bubbles, we have a variety of sizes and shapes in our iron-on clothing labels pack. You’ll find an assortment of slim rectangles, rectangles, circles, and custom shapes. Use the larger iron-on labels on clothing like shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets. You can use the smaller iron-on name labels on mittens, hats, and socks. 

Are iron-on clothing labels permanent? 

Yes, our iron-on labels are a permanent labeling solution. These iron-on clothing labels will stay securely in place on all of your child’s apparel through day-to-day activities and every laundry cycle. The iron-on kids’ labels will last the duration of your child’s clothing as they are also waterproof. 

Which Name Bubbles designs are available as iron-on kids’ labels?

Your favorite Name Bubbles patterns can be customized to create iron-on clothing labels for your child. We have iron-on name labels in adorable patterns like tie-dye, gingham, camo, dots, rainbows, basketballs, sharks, and more. Your little one can select their favorite design and start customizing their own set of iron-on clothing labels to help keep track of their apparel.

What’s the difference between iron-on clothing labels and stick-on clothing labels? 

The Name Bubbles iron-on clothing labels are a durable and permanent labeling solution. To secure the iron-on custom labels in place, you must use an iron. For a faster application, our [stick-on clothing labels]( can simply be applied to a clothing care tag. All you have to do is peel, press, and stick the [clothing label]( to the tag, and you’re all set - no iron needed.