Custom Camp Labels

Custom Camp Labels

Custom Camp Labels

Before you send your kiddo to day camp or sleepaway camp, invest in personalized camp labels from Name Bubbles. Our labels will save you money on replacing lost camp gear. We offer camp labels for any need featuring packs that include waterproof, laundry-safe, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe labels. Our labels for camp are durable, resist fading and peeling, and will last through all summer adventures and beyond!

Custom Camp Labels

forest sky camp labels pack forest sky camp labels pack forest sky camp labels pack forest sky camp labels pack forest sky camp labels pack

camp labels pack

Forest Sky Camp Labels Pack

71 Labels / $39.99

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Streamline your summer camp preparations with Name Bubbles’ labels for camp, designed thoughtfully for every summer adventure your child embarks on. From day camps and swimming lessons to sports camps, sleepaway camps, and family camping trips, our versatile name labels for camp come in various shapes and sizes to ensure your child's belongings are bold, easily identifiable, and make their way back home.

Our collection includes custom day camp label packs featuring personalized, waterproof stick-on name tags for camp essentials, clothing, and shoe labels. This makes them ideal for keeping camping gear organized and in the right place, whether it's in a backpack, bunk, or with your camper, so they return home each day. We've curated an array of labels for camp clothing and other essentials, enabling effortless labeling of everything from luggage and water bottles to swimsuits and towels.

For those extended stays at overnight camp, our sleepaway camp labels pack offers an expanded selection to cover every packing list item- our biggest pack of camp labels! This larger set is equipped to label a wide range of camping supplies, including clothing, rain gear, shoes, jackets, sleeping bags, sunglasses, toiletries, and more, ensuring your child is prepared for any camp scenario. This pack also includes iron-on name labels for permanent tagging on fabric items. 

Made to withstand the adventurous camp environment, our name tags for camp are waterproof, laundry-safe, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and resistant to sunblock, bug repellent, and fading. Rest easy knowing that these durable stick-on and iron-on camp labels, made with top-quality vinyl and non-toxic ink, will adhere to your child’s gear through all the summer fun and beyond!

With 15 years of experience, Name Bubbles is a trusted leader in keeping kids’ belongings out of the lost and found. Investing in Name Bubbles labels is a smart choice for parents and guardians, saving them time and money from replacing lost items. Browse our collection of labeling solutions designed for any labeling need!


Will I have enough camp labels?

We have three pack options for our camp labels: 73 labels in our [Camp Pack](, 74 labels in our [Camp Clothing Pack](, and 167 labels in our [Sleepaway Camp Pack](

How do I label clothes for camp?

We offer laminated labels for clothing care tags, unlaminated labels for tagless clothing, and iron-on labels. All our camp packs come with [clothing labels]( For camp clothes, we have a dedicated pack, the camp clothing labels pack, which includes both stick-on and iron-on labels. Our [iron-on labels]( are handy for labeling socks and towels for camp.

How do I label kids’ shoes for camp?

Two of our camp packs come with designated [shoe labels]( that go into the sole of each shoe. You can also use any leftover, unlaminated stick-on labels for shoes.

Are iron-on camp labels easy to apply?

Yes! Set your iron to a cotton-friendly high heat, make sure the garment is dry, peel the label, and position where you want it on the fabric. Cover it with the provided parchment paper and press down with the iron for 15-20 seconds.

Which type of camp labels are best for bathing suits?

Laminated [stick-on]( and iron-on labels are best for swimming suits. These two options make the best swimwear labels that withstand water and chlorine.

What items should I label for sleepaway camp?

Label everything your child takes to camp, including [luggage]( and trunks! Labeling all of your child’s gear and clothing reduces the risk of lost items and saves you money in the long run.