Kids’ Contact Labels

Kids’ Contact Labels

Kids’ Contact Labels

Our Kids’ Contact Labels take labeling one step further and will prevent valuable items from being lost forever. You can add three extra lines of contact information on these name labels for kids that can include anything from phone numbers and email addresses to classroom numbers and home addresses. With these custom information labels, tag electronics, medical devices, sports and recreational gear, backpacks, and more!

Kids’ Contact Labels

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Two-tone Contact Labels

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Sure, a simple kids' name label featuring a first and last name may do the trick at school, but what happens when your child loses his or her favorite toy at the park? The horror! 


These personalized Kids’ Contact Labels will help make sure any item of value goes home with your child from sports, school, camp, daycare, or a friend’s house. Our Name Bubbles Kids’ Contact Labels allow you to have the option of adding up to three extra pieces of contact information such as phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, room numbers, and teacher's names. 


For more valuable items such as iPhones, iPads, graphing calculators, laptops, or a toy that your child has carried around since they were born, these kids’ address labels will do the trick. Also, in case you weren't sure, these contact labels for kids are entirely waterproof, just like the rest of our name labels for kids! Hooray!


Can I include custom information on the kids’ personalized labels?

With our custom contact labels, you can create personalized name stickers for kids that also have room for you to add three lines of select contact information. Our custom name and phone number labels give you the ability to create unique [personalized name labels]( You and your child can customize the name labels for kids with our many styles, colors, and fonts.

Are contact labels waterproof?

All of our kids’ personalized labels are waterproof. The contact labels can be attached to clothing, school supplies, sports equipment, water bottles, lunch boxes, snack containers, and more. Each phone number label is water-resistant and will last. The name and phone number labels are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and laundry safe. 

What type of kids’ belongings need name and phone number labels?

Be sure to label all of your child’s expensive belongings with our name and phone number labels to be sure the items come home with them. Our contact labels can be applied to tablets, laptops, phones, and more. If these expensive belongings get misplaced, the kids’ personalized labels with contact information will direct the person who finds them to return the belonging to the owner easily. 

What contact information should be included on kids’ personalized labels?

Our kids’ contact labels include space for essential information, including your child’s name as well as your phone number and email address. Some of our name and phone number labels include extra space where you can put your child’s classroom number. The contact information on these kids’ personalized labels will give parents peace of mind that their child won’t lose their belongings.

What types of patterns and prints are available as contact phone number labels? 

Our name and phone number labels come in many cute designs. You can customize a contact label for your child with patterns like mountain tops, ombre, penguins, dinosaurs, space, mermaids, and watermelon - to name a few. Let your child select their favorite print, and then attach these contact labels to their belongings.