daycare labels pack

Woodland Animals Daycare Labels Pack

96 Labels
daycare labels pack

Woodland Animals Daycare Labels Pack

96 Labels

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Prevent daycare mix-ups before they happen with our cute animal labels for daycare in our Woodland Animals Daycare Labels Pack! Think about it: if a bottle or a bib is mistaken for another baby’s or toddler’s, there’s almost no way for the care provider to tell that there was a mix-up. I mean, it’s not like your baby will say, “Hey, that’s not my bottle!” That’s where our woodland animal labels for daycare come in handy so none of your child’s daycare items get misplaced.

Save yourself the headache and the stress of worrying about losing your little one’s belongings with our Woodland Animals name tags for daycare, which feature a fox, bird, squirrel, and deer. It’s not uncommon for your little one to come home with fewer supplies than they left home with originally or return home with someone else’s daycare supplies! Avoid buying new supplies every week and keep your original supplies returning home each day with woodland animal name labels for daycare.

So ditch the sharpie and masking tape, and invest in a Woodland Animals Daycare Labels Pack from Name Bubbles! These adorable woodland animal labels for daycare are waterproof, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe, making these the perfect daycare label option for bibs, baby bottles, food containers, baby shoes, and more! Personalize these woodland animal labels for daycare with your child’s name, and select your favorite animal prints for a fun and practical way to organize and keep track of your little one’s belongings. The best part is that with our woodland animal labels for daycare, you’ll never have to worry about daycare mix-ups again!

Each pack of woodland animal name tags for daycare come with 96 labels in an array of shapes and sizes, so you can label every item headed out the door. To label your child's items, simply peel and stick the woodland animal label onto any clean and dry surface. Now your little one's bottles, toys, bibs, blankets, snacks, and more will be ready to head off to daycare.

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces.

Waterproof Name Labels

32 | Small Rectangle Labels 1.8" x 0.5"

 5 | Rectangle Labels 2.8" x 0.7"

15 | Shape Labels 1.4" x 1.4"

Waterproof Shoe Labels

 4 | Shoe Labels 0.8" x 1.6"

Stick-On Clothing Labels

40 | Circle Clothing Labels 0.7"

label size comparison

For Best Results

  1. Apply labels to a clean, dry surface
  2. Allow labels to rest for 24 hours before their first wash

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces

Laminated Clothing Labels (For Clothing With Care Tags)

Peel and stick laminated clothing labels to the care tag of clothing!

Note: These laminated clothing labels are meant to stick on care tags, not directly to the clothing's fabric and may not stick through the laundry otherwise.

Unlaminated Clothing Labels (For Tagless Clothing)

Peel and stick this flexible label to the clothing’s brand stamp!

Note: These unlaminated labels are meant to stick to the clothing’s brand stamp or imprint and not guaranteed to stick if placed directly on the fabric of clothing.

Name Bubbles labels should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision. All Name Bubbles products are produced with non-toxic materials, and though our waterproof labels are durable and long-lasting, they are not permanent. Because our labels are designed only to be removed with intent, they may detach from fabrics or toys if subject to persistent or prolonged picking or chewing. Therefore, use caution in the product’s application to certain items handled by young children (e.g. blankets, teething rings, etc.) and ensure ongoing monitoring of adhesion to avoid choking hazard.

A little label goes a long way. This year we support Blessings in a Backpack with a $20,000 contribution. Thank you for helping us give to food-insecure kids across the United States!

Learn more about Labeled for Good.

dishwasher safe

freezer safe

microwave safe


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