waterproof stickers

Vegan Dietary Alert Waterproof Stickers

10 Stickers
waterproof stickers

Vegan Dietary Alert Waterproof Stickers

10 Stickers

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Alert teachers, family, friends, parents, coaches, and others to your child’s specific dietary restrictions with the Vegan Dietary Alert Waterproof Stickers from Name Bubbles. These food alert labels easily stand out so that your child’s dietary guide is not overlooked. Ensure your child’s dietary alert is labeled clearly on everything that leaves the house.

These alert stickers give parents peace of mind when sending kids off to school, camp, daycare, practice, or over to a friend's house. These clear, bold, legible stickers allow for high visibility of diet guidelines when you stick them on lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles, and more.

Like our reliable labels for kids, we make all our food warning labels, including these vegan stickers, with our durable, waterproof vinyl material. We print these alert stickers with non-toxic, eco-friendly inks.

Our dietary alert labels are washable, reusable & durable for repeated daily use. Stick these warning stickers once to any item that leaves home with your kid, and you'll never need to relabel them again. These stickers are waterproof, microwaveable, dishwasher and laundry safe, and freezable.

Our dietary alert stickers are available in a choice of 7 common dietary guidelines:

• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free
• Halal
• Kosher
• Pescatarian
• Vegan
• Vegetarian

If you want to include a name on your child’s alert sticker, try our custom medical labels.

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces.

10 | Dietary Alert Waterproof Stickers 2" x 1.3"

For Best Results

  1. Apply labels to a clean, dry surface
  2. Allow labels to rest for 24 hours before their first wash

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces

Name Bubbles labels should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision. All Name Bubbles products are produced with non-toxic materials, and though our waterproof labels are durable and long-lasting, they are not permanent. Because our labels are designed only to be removed with intent, they may detach from fabrics or toys if subject to persistent or prolonged picking or chewing. Therefore, use caution in the product’s application to certain items handled by young children (e.g. blankets, teething rings, etc.) and ensure ongoing monitoring of adhesion to avoid choking hazard.

dishwasher safe

freezer safe

microwave safe