Family Label Packs

Family Label Packs

Family Label Packs

Browse labels for the entire family with Name Bubbles! From newborns to grandparents, you’ll find laundry-safe, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe labels for the family. Safeguard against lost belongings anytime your family is away from home, no matter the occasion. We design our durable, long-lasting labels with top-quality material and non-toxic ink. Get the entire family organized today!

Family Label Packs

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Stacked Contact Labels Pack

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Are you looking for family labels fit for the whole "fam"? Well, you came to the right place! We have family name labels for kids as well as adults. The Family Label Packs are for all members of the family, including those who may be out of school but are just as disorganized as the ones in school. Because let's be honest, we all have that one family member who loses everything. Our grandparents’ label pack is a collection of just what your parents & grandparents need. This Family Label Pack comes with simply designed clothing labels and other smaller family name labels that will keep even the most forgetful ones more organized.


What are family labels used for? 

Everything! Our personalized family labels can be placed on almost all surfaces. They’re perfect for school supplies, clothing, shoes, daycare items, and more. Our family name labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, & laundry safe so your imagination is the limit. 

How do I label my child's lunch box?

First, pick out your favorite name label and customize it with your child’s information, a fun icon, and font. When you receive your family labels, peel and stick one to a visible place on the lunch box. Now your child's lunch box will be easy to spot and will be sure to return home. 

How do I make labels for school supplies for kids?

Family name label packs make it easy to label all of your kids’ school supplies. Just choose your favorite style and customize it with your child's name and a fun icon. Then choose your preferred font and you're ready to go. Our [school supply stickers]( are durable and waterproof to ensure they stay put on your child's school supplies. 

How do you personalize family labels? 

We offer an easy-to-use platform to help you create personalized family labels. Our design program allows you to choose your favorite style, colors, font, and size. You can place names, phone numbers, addresses, and any other important information on your family labels, and feel confident that they’ll stick no matter where you place them.

How do I label school uniforms?

We offer [clothing labels]( perfect for school uniforms. You can customize the size & shape of these family labels as well as color & style. Place your child's name on the laundry safe name labels to help ensure there are no uniform mix-ups and they return home at the end of the day.