Waterproof Stickers

Waterproof Stickers

Waterproof Stickers

Your favorite original Name Bubbles styles and patterns are now available as adorable Waterproof Stickers! Your kids will love decorating their laptops, tablets, water bottles, notebooks, and more with all of our cute waterproof vinyl stickers available in a variety of designs. These cute stickers allow your little one to add personality to almost any of their things!

Waterproof Stickers

Select Name Bubbles designs are now officially available as kids’ waterproof stickers! Much like our kid’s name labels, these exclusive Name Bubbles waterproof stickers for kids are printed on a durable, high-quality vinyl material that’s non-toxic, as well as water-resistant, microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe. We know that waterproof stickers for bottles of all kinds -- water bottles, baby bottles, sports bottles, etc. -- are all the rage these days. 


Our waterproof vinyl stickers come in a variety of designs, complete with shapes, animals, and plants. Your child will have a blast embellishing their belongings, including computers or tablets, school folders, lunch containers, and more, with these kids’ waterproof stickers.


What are waterproof stickers?

Our waterproof stickers are the cutest accompaniment to our [name labels](https://www.namebubbles.com/collections/name-labels). We take our themes, like zoo animals, dinosaurs, tie-dye, and more, and reimagine them into a unique sheet of waterproof stickers for kids.

What material are the kids’ waterproof stickers made of?

Like our award-winning [name labels](https://www.namebubbles.com/collections/name-labels), we make these waterproof stickers with top-quality vinyl and print them with non-toxic ink. They’re durable, waterproof, and long-lasting. Our kids’ stickers will look great and vibrant even after daily use.

Are waterproof stickers safe for the dishwasher?

Absolutely! These stickers stick firmly and won’t peel or fade after dishwasher cycles, making them perfect for water bottles, snack containers, and bento boxes. Your child will have a blast decorating their things with our dishwasher-safe stickers.

Where can you put the waterproof vinyl stickers?

Our stickers are great for decorating [water bottles](https://www.namebubbles.com/collections/water-bottle-labels), binders, [school supplies](https://www.namebubbles.com/collections/school-label-packs), lunch boxes, and toys. Our waterproof stickers for kids are also great for embellishing tablets and [laptops](https://www.namebubbles.com/collections/laptop-labels).

Do the kids’ waterproof stickers come in different sizes?

Yes! Each sheet is unique, and the size and quantity of the stickers depend on the style. The number of stickers per sheet ranges from 12 to 36. Each sheet comes with a mix of stickers, from small to large.