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The Ultimate Guide to Labeling School Uniforms with Personalized Labels

Ariel Luy


Jul 13, 23

Back-to-school season is upon us, so it’s time to start assembling your school supplies! For those who are attending a private school, part of assembling school supplies is purchasing or checking up on your school uniform. In this blog, we aim to offer you tips on all things uniforms. We will cover everything from tracking uniforms to ensuring they are school standard and more! 

Buying Your Uniform

School uniforms are a staple in many educational institutions, especially in private or charter schools. Depending on the school, the uniform can vary from an exact shirt, pants, or skirt, or it could be guidelines for color and style. Before purchasing your school uniform, you must understand the dress code guidelines to ensure you buy the correct style and fit. Familiarize yourself with any restrictions or specific requirements regarding colors, lengths, accessories, and shoes. Knowing the rules will help you navigate within the parameters and avoid any dress code violations. It will save you time as a busy parent who wants to avoid returning and ordering many different uniform options.

Fit Matters:

Even though school uniforms are standardized, pay attention to the sizing and consider alterations if necessary. Ensure the uniform is comfortable and allows easy movement throughout the day. If you have a little one who is rapidly growing, a tip to make the most of your money is to purchase a uniform in one size above their current size. This will allow them to grow into their uniform during the year so that their uniform won’t be too small at the end of the semester, and it will save you money from buying two uniforms. 

Pants with elastic waistbands are also a great option to save money for growing kids. These are great for young kids who are continually growing since all you need to do is pull the elastic to shrink the waist or release the elastic to expand the pants. It’s a no-brainer!

Caring for Your Uniform

Uniforms can be expensive, so caring for your uniform properly is important. Maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your uniform is crucial since a wrong laundry cycle can ruin the quality of your items. Follow the care instructions provided by your school or the uniform manufacturer. Regularly wash and iron your uniform to keep it looking fresh and presentable. Wash similar colors together, and don’t overwash! 

Labeling School Uniforms

When it comes to school uniforms, keeping track of your child's belongings can be a daunting task. From shirts and pants to jackets and accessories, it's easy for items to get misplaced or mixed up. Fortunately, a simple and effective solution is personalized labels from Name Bubbles. Labeling school uniforms is not just about keeping things organized; it serves multiple practical purposes, like preventing loss and allowing kids to tell their uniforms apart.

Why Should We Label?

So why is it so important to label? For one, uniforms often look alike, making identifying your child's specific items challenging. Personalized labels make it easy for teachers and fellow students to return lost items to their rightful owners. Since uniforms are expensive, keeping track of your kids' items and out of the lost and found is essential. At the lost-and-found, there will be difficulty differentiating between all the similar items unless they are distinguishable with labels.

Along with uniforms, it is important to label everything that gets brought to school. Many parents forget this crucial step in preparing for school, and as a result, items like your kid’s school bag, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other items will end up on school buses, playgrounds, or lost-and-found. 

Name Bubbles offers School Label Packs, Kindergarten Label Packs, and Pre-School Label Packs that have been perfectly curated for kids of all ages. Our packs include clothing labels, shoe labels, name labels, of all different shapes and sizes so you can rest assured their name will be stuck to anything! 

Name Bubbles was founded by Michelle Brandriss because homemade labels she made for her son from permanent marker and tape kept on falling off. She needed a solution that would give her peace of mind when sending her child off, and that’s why our labels are so durable and long-lasting! They can withstand the laundry machine, dishwasher, and general wear-and-tear, making them perfect for the school year. Start labeling your school uniforms and supplies with Name Bubbles to save time, money, and effort. 

Grab Your Name Bubbles

Labeling school uniforms with personalized labels from Name Bubbles is a wise investment that saves time, money, and frustration. With their durable and customizable options, you can easily keep track of your child's clothing and accessories throughout the school year. Don't let lost uniforms disrupt your child's education—label it with Name Bubbles and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with organization and efficiency.

So, get started on your labeling journey today and experience the convenience of Name Bubbles labels. Your child's school uniforms will never be misplaced again!

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