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The Ultimate Guide to Labeling in the Winter | Name Bubbles

Ariel Luy


Oct 23, 23

The Ultimate Guide to Labeling in the Winter | Name Bubbles


The winter season is a time for fun in the snow! Whether you're hitting the slopes, building snowmen, or enjoying other frosty activities, many families enjoy winter activities and the snowfall that may be on the ground. In the past, we’ve shared many fun outdoor winter sports and activities to share with your loved ones this season. With the chill in the air, staying warm and cozy with the right gear is essential. Labeling your winter essentials is not only a practical way to keep track of them, but it can also add a personal touch to your belongings. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to label your winter items using Name Bubbles labels, a company specializing in ensuring that your gear stays organized and identifiable all season.

Why Labeling Matters

So why label? While there are many reasons we could share why it’s important to utilize Name Bubbles personalized labels on your essential items, we can sum up the top reasons into these three purposes:

Prevent Loss: 

Winter gear tends to get misplaced easily, whether at the ski resort, the ice skating rink, or even in your own home. Labels can help ensure your belongings find their way back to you, and we even have personalized Contact Labels that share a phone number or email address to get in contact with in case the missing item is found. Winter gear can also be expensive! Hockey sticks, ice skates, helmets, and high-quality gloves are all items that can easily be mixed up at the ice rink or slopes, and they will be expensive to repurchase.


Labels can help keep your gear organized, making it easier to find what you need quickly. This is especially important when you're in a rush to get out and enjoy the winter wonderland. If you have several kids participating in the same sports, this can help prevent arguments from developing, too. No longer will your little ones argue over which skate belongs to whom since our Shoe Labels and Name Labels help clearly distinguish what belongs to whom. 


Custom labels add a personal touch to your gear, making it uniquely yours. You can choose fonts, colors, and designs that suit your style. From our Hockey Style to our adorable Penguin Style or even our cozy Flannel Style, there are multiple Name Bubbles designs that are perfect for the cold winter season.

Meet Name Bubbles Labels: The Perfect Solution

Name Bubbles offers a range of high-quality, customizable labels that are perfect for labeling your winter gear. Our personalized name labels are perfect for today’s fast-paced world, from organizing daily life or special activity time in the mountains or skating rink.  Here's how to use them effectively:

Step One: Select the Right Labels:

Name Bubbles provides various label types, including wash-safe clothing labels, waterproof name labels, and iron-on labels. Choose the type that best suits your gear. Waterproof name label labels work well for items like water bottles, snowboards and sleds, while clothing labels are perfect for your winter wardrobe, such as mittens, hats, jackets, or scarves. For boots, skates, and sneakers, we recommend our Shoe Labels.

Step Two: Personalize Your Labels: 

Once you've selected the right label type, it's time to personalize. Name Bubbles allows you to choose from our various styles to create labels that reflect your style and preferences. This is an excellent opportunity to get creative and make your labels reflect your little one and their unique interests.

Step Three: Labeling Winter Sports Equipment: 

For winter sports gear, such as skis, snowboards, or sleds, our waterproof labels are ideal. Apply them to the equipment's surface, ensuring a clean and dry surface for the best adhesion. The labels are not only functional but also add a cool, personalized touch to your gear. Don’t believe they work in cold and wet conditions? Check out this video from our founder, Michelle, showing off her Name Bubbles labels that have lived on her skis for multiple years. 

Step Four: Labeling Winter Clothing:

Hats, mittens, and scarves are essentials for winter warmth. Clothing labels are perfect for these items. Stick them to the inside tags or seams to ensure your gear stays cozy, labeled, and stylish. For items that are frequently washed like hats, socks, and towels – we recommend our Iron On Clothing Labels.

Step Five: Boots and Shoes:

Don't forget about your winter footwear! Shoe labels are designed to withstand the elements. They can be used on snow boots, ice skates, and even the insoles of your winter shoes.

Step Six: Luggage and Bags:

If you're traveling for a winter getaway, consider using labels on your luggage, ski bags, and backpacks. This helps you identify your bags quickly and adds a personal touch to your travel gear. We recently released more designs in our Luggage Tag Labels. These labels allow tons of space to add contact information and help keep your suitcase or duffle bag from getting lost.


Labeling your winter gear with Name Bubbles labels is a practical and stylish way to stay organized and make your belongings your own. Whether you're hitting the slopes, enjoying winter sports, or simply trying to keep track of your winter accessories, personalized labels are a perfect solution. With a wide range of label types and customization options, Name Bubbles makes it easy to ensure your winter essentials are labeled, protected, and ready for some frosty fun.

So, keep your gear from getting lost in the snow this winter. Label it with Name Bubbles, and enjoy a warm, fun, and personalization-filled season.

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