You’ve Been Booed

JoAnna Schwartz


Oct 20, 20

This sweet surprise is called a “BOO!
From someone close to you.
We brought you these treats and ran off unseen.
To brighten up your day and wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

We’ve Been Booed - Name Bubbles Blog Image

Now it’s your turn to go and “BOO!”
A good friend who is close to you.
Hang a “WE’VE BEEN BOOED” sign on your door
So everyone will know you’ve been Booed before.
Then grab some treats and gifts,
And make sure to do just this…

Find your friend’s house and sneak up close,
But be sure to check it’s door has no ghosts.
You want to make sure they have yet to be “BOOED”
Because it’s spook-tacular to spread the Halloween mood.

Knock fast on the front door and run
Make sure you’re not seen, it’s really fun!
Once they get your gifts and food,
They’ll know for sure that they’ve been Booed!

Click here to download our free “You’ve Been BOOED” print out and spread some Halloween cheer in your community! Be sure to leave the poem behind for the fun to continue.

As a bonus treat, we also have other Halloween printables we'd like to share with you. Click here to download our "Happy Halloween 2021" printables.

Happy Halloween!

JoAnna Schwartz

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