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Fueling Curiosity with the Positivity Project

Ariel Luy


Aug 15, 22


“Why is the sky blue?”
“Why is the grass green?”
“Why do I dream?”
“How tall will I grow?” 

Has your little one ever asked you these questions? If they have, that’s fantastic because these questions are all a symbol of curiosity. 

According to the Positivity Project,” Curiosity is a crucial component of one's character. Our innate urge for discovery and exploration is a key element of our human desire for wisdom and knowledge.”

Curiosity helps fuel growth and knowledge. Whenever you wonder how something is made or why something is the way that it is, you’ve exercising curiosity. Those questions that you ponder will help you continue learning about the world and find answers that teach you new skills and strengths.

All human beings experience curiosity, but the difference between humans is that we all are willing to experience curiosity differently. For example, some people may be curious about food and dare to try new spices, recipes, and cuisine. Others are curious about biology and the world around them. They want to investigate plants, the murky layers of the ocean, and the grand solar system. 

Regardless of where your curiosity lies, this is a great strength that can yield significant benefits for yourself and others. The Positivity Project shares the following example: “Curiosity is what compels astronauts into outer space and submarines to the bottom of the ocean. It is hardwired into the human genome and a defining element of human success.”

So how can you continue to allow your child to experience curiosity? 

  • Continue asking questions. Asking questions allows you to find out answers which helps everyone learn.
  • Explore – whether it’s trying new recipes, going outside and digging in the yard, or reading an exciting new book, keep searching for new experiences!
  • Get them excited about new possibilities
  • Don’t stick with boredom – find new experiences, and don’t settle for monotony!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -WALT DISNEY

This month, we encourage you to continue being curious and asking about the world around you. Keep learning and growing! 

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