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Losing Toys is a Big Deal – Here's How to Prevent It

Ariel Luy


Aug 22, 23

Losing Toys is a Big Deal – Here's How to Prevent It

Growing up, did you have that one special toy? Maybe it was a stuffed animal or a beloved doll. Regardless of the item, you look back and have fond memories attached. Children and their toys share a special bond, often resulting in unforgettable memories and endless laughter. But what happens when the unexpected happens, and the beloved toy goes missing? At Name Bubbles, we understand the importance of preserving these cherished connections, so we're here to share some valuable insights on preventing the heartache of losing toys. Not only will our tips help safeguard toys, but also make organization for you fun and stress-free. Let's dive into the world of lost toys and explore effective ways to prevent these losses. 

The Emotional Impact of Lost Toys

The experience of losing a favorite toy might seem trivial, but it can be a deeply emotional event for children. Toys often represent comfort, companionship, and a source of creative expression and can play a huge role in a child’s development. When a cherished toy goes missing, it can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and even a sense of loss. As parents, helping children avoid this distressing experience is crucial for their emotional well-being.

The Role of Personalized Labels

Enter Name Bubbles, your partner in preventing lost toys. Our personalized labels are more than just labels; they're tools that empower kids to take ownership of their belongings. We specialize in helping parents and kids keep track of important items. Started in 2009 by our founder, Michelle Brandriss, kids and parents love our labels. Michelle ran into the dilemma of losing her son’s bottles and possessions at daycare, and her homemade labels made of tape and permanent marker just weren’t cutting it. Enter Name Bubbles labels. Once she created her award-winning, waterproof, dishwasher safe and wash-safe labels, she could send her son to daycare without the fear of missing items. 

By attaching a Name Bubbles label to each toy, children not only feel a sense of pride in their possessions but also keep better track of their items. Check out this blog post on the psychology behind using Name Bubbles labels for more information on this topic. Depending on the toy, our labels come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making them an engaging and creative way for kids to identify their toys easily. From the smallest size of our Small Rectangles to our fabric-friendly Clothing Labels, we have a size and shape of Name Bubbles perfect for all items. 

How to Prevent Losing Toys

So what are practical tips to help prevent losing toys? We’ve compiled six tips to help keep track of beloved items.

1. Label Everything: 

Label each item with your child's name, from action figures, to plastic toys or wooden toys, to stuffed animals, using our personalized and durable labels. This simple step ensures that toys have a better chance of returning to your child, and it takes a few seconds to prevent heartache and sadness.

2. Storage Solutions:

Teach your child the importance of organization by creating designated toy storage areas. Label storage bins and shelves with colorful labels, creating an organized environment where everything has a designated spot. We recommend our Write-on Labels. These labels come with a reusable Hydro Pencil, making it easy to label and re-label! When they are finished with playing, teaching them to place their toys into the designated bins is a great way to teach organization and cleaning up a mess!

3. Educational Approach: 

Talk to your child about the significance of caring for their toys and belongings. Explain how labels help them remember where each toy belongs, fostering a sense of responsibility. 

4. Incorporate Playtime:

Make labeling a part of playtime! Sit down with your child and let them choose their favorite label design for each toy. We offer so many colorful and fun labels to pick from. If they are an athlete, they would love our Sports Label Designs. If they love Rainbows, we have a multitude of fun Rainbow Labels. Or perhaps they dream of being a Paleontologist or Astronaut, we have labels to represent all range of interests. This activity makes labeling enjoyable and reinforces the connection between toys and labels.

5. Celebrate Successes:

Celebrate moments when your child remembers to put away their toys properly. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue practicing good organizational habits.

6. Travel Companions: 

When going on outings or playdates, use labels on items like water bottles, lunch boxes, and backpacks. This practice prevents loss and instills the habit of caring for personal belongings beyond toys!


Losing a toy may seem like a small ordeal, but its impact on a child's emotional well-being can be significant. Name Bubbles understands the importance of preserving these special connections and offers personalized labels for kids as a practical and enjoyable solution. By incorporating these labels into your child's routine, you're not only preventing the loss of beloved toys but also teaching them valuable life skills about organization and responsibility. Let's work together to make the world of childhood a bit brighter, one labeled toy at a time.

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