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Getting Ahead of the Game: Organize Your School Year with Personalized Labels

Ariel Luy


Jul 28, 23

Getting Ahead of the Game: Organize Your School Year with Personalized Labels

A clean backpack full of empty notebooks and a fresh pair of tennis shoes all mean one thing: it’s the start of a new school year! Returning to school can bring excitement and anticipation for students and parents. However, with the thrill of new challenges and experiences, there also comes the need for organization. With homework, school projects, and extracurriculars requiring equipment and supplies, everything you need to keep track of can easily pile on, and your home can quickly become messy. 

With the back-to-school rush approaching, staying on top of your game can be made effortless with personalized labels from Name Bubbles. We help you easily keep track of your little one’s baseball bats, notebooks, lunchboxes, clothing, water bottles, and more! In this blog post, we'll explore how using personalized labels can make your school year a breeze and make items easily identifiable in helping you and your children stay organized and focused on what truly matters - learning and growth!

Labeling School Supplies

Let's face it, kids often misplace their belongings at school, especially during the hectic moments between classes or activities. We all have that winter coat that never made it home after disappearing on the school playground or that water bottle that wasn’t labeled and couldn’t be found at the lost-and-found. The last thing anyone wants is a lost backpack, water bottle, or lunchbox, especially for parents who don’t want to spend money rebuying items! Luckily, Name Bubbles are here to help you out. Our labels are easy to apply and take just a few seconds to peel and stick. 

Parents love them because of their durability! Waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and laundry-safe – our labels are built to last and work on various surfaces (even clothing!). By using Name Bubbles' personalized labels, parents can ensure that all of their child's school supplies are clearly marked with their name, making it easier to recover lost items and reduce the chances of losing costly possessions.

Identifying Clothing and Uniforms

Keeping track of child’s clothing items can be challenging for schools that require uniforms or a change of clothes for gym class. Personalized clothing labels from Name Bubbles can be easily applied to uniforms, jackets, gym clothes, and more, helping children identify their items and ensuring that nothing goes missing. The durable labels are designed to withstand numerous wash cycles, ensuring that they stay put throughout the school year. They are independently tested to ensure they are non-toxic and safe for children!

If you are a parent with kids in private school and you are seeking additional tips on labeling uniforms and finding the perfect uniform for the school year, check out further advice on our blog post: The Ultimate Guide to Labeling School Uniforms with Personalized Labels.

For shoes that are used for gym class, sports, or any extracurriculars, we create Shoe Labels that apply to the sole of each shoe. This way, even shoes won’t end up disappearing to the lost-and-found! For frequently washed items (socks, uniforms, gloves), we recommend our Iron On Clothing Labels, which are built to last. These labels are applied and sealed with an iron and definitely won’t budget (even with a ton of wash and wear). 

Organizing Books and Notebooks

There’s nothing worse than a chaotic morning of trying to track down a homework assignment or a school project! Luckily Name Bubbles can help avoid this. Create a pack of labels for your kids and help them label any folders, notebooks, textbooks or all the papers. This is a great life hack because as students progress through different grades, the number of books and notebooks they carry increases. Misplacing a textbook or an essential notebook can be incredibly frustrating and disruptive to their studies, but by affixing personalized labels to their books and notebooks, children can easily identify their materials and keep everything in order. This ultimately leads to a more organized and efficient study routine. 

Plus, have we mentioned that using Name Bubbles labels will boost school performance? There is a saying that goes, "A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind." You might be able to relate to this sentiment when it comes to your kitchen or your bedroom as well. A lot of mess can be overwhelming; if it affects you, it can certainly affect your children. Having a clean and organized study space or desk to help keep your children organized and clean can be a game-changer in promoting growth and performance in school. To learn more about utilizing labels to boost academic success, check out our recent blog post, Customize, Personalize, Succeed: How Personalized Labels Boost School Performance.

Lunchtime Made Easy

Raise your hand if you’re tired of re-purchasing lunch boxes, containers, and water bottles! We know we are. Packing lunch for school is a daily ritual for parents, and ensuring that each lunchbox comes home at the end of the day can be challenging. With so many corners lunch items can disappear, ensuring your child comes home with everything intact seems daunting. But with Name Bubbles' personalized labels, parents can add their child's name and contact information to their lunch box, allowing school staff or fellow students to return any misplaced lunchboxes promptly. Additionally, the labels are dishwasher and microwave-safe, making them ideal for reusable containers and water bottles. 

Along with Name Bubbles labels, if you’re looking for four well-balanced but easy lunch ideas for your kids, we accumulated a list of delicious recipes to create for your kiddos. You can check out the recipes here!

Managing Allergies and Medical Needs

For children with food allergies or specific medical needs, safety is crucial. Name Bubbles' medical alert labels can be customized to include essential information about a child's allergies or medical conditions, ensuring that teachers and school staff are aware and well-prepared in case of emergencies. Since our labels are dishwasher safe, you can place them on a lunch box or containers to inform others of food allergies. These labels are critical for providing peace of mind to parents and maintaining a safe learning environment for their children. They can also help teachers or staff stay organized and protect your child from potential medical issues. 


As a new school year approaches, staying organized is key to ensuring a successful and stress-free academic journey. Parents and students can say farewell to misplaced belongings, mix-ups, and unnecessary stress with Name Bubbles' personalized labels. Students can focus on their studies, extracurricular activities, school activities, and making lasting memories with friends by labeling school supplies, clothing, books, lunchboxes, and medical information with Name Bubbles.

Embrace the power of personalization and organization with Name Bubbles, and set yourself and your child up for a successful school year! Check out our School Labels today and discover the best life hack to help you stay ahead of the game. Happy labeling, and have a fantastic school year!

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