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5 Heartfelt Ways to Express Love to Your Kids on Valentine's Day || Name Bubbles

Ariel Luy


Jan 23, 24

5 Heartfelt Ways to Express Love to Your Kids on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not just for romantic gestures; it's a perfect opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms, including the special bond between parents and children. We’re sure many of you have fond memories of celebrating a happy Valentine’s Day as a kid with your family or in the classroom. So, this Valentine's Day, go beyond the traditional expressions of love and make it a memorable day for your kids. Here are five heartfelt ways to show your kids love on this special day.

Intentional Valentine's Cards:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to provide a little “happy” to your kids. One of the ways to gift your kids a small, encouraging surprise they’ll be sure to love is by choosing a Valentine’s Day Exchange Card. Kids love stickers, and our new Valentine’s Day cards combine stickers with Valentine’s Day. You could purchase a 5-pack of cards with specific designs for each of your kids or you could buy a 20-pack of cards and use the extra for a classroom exchange. 

Choose the designs that remind you of your kids or have an encouraging message you know they’ll love! Plus, with our Valentine’s Day Sticker Cards, the stickers will last beyond Valentine’s Day since they’re waterproof and easily add personality to water bottles, notebooks, or more. 

Heartfelt Acts of Kindness:

Teach your kids the importance of kindness by engaging in small acts of love throughout the day. Surprise them with breakfast in bed, leave little notes of encouragement in their lunch boxes, or create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to a special Valentine's Day treat. These thoughtful gestures will create lasting memories and reinforce the value of love and kindness.

Another small way we love to encourage kids is by customizing a pack of Name Bubbles labels. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day-specific labels, we recommend our Sweetheart Labels, our One Color in Candy Red, or our Hearts Labels.

Quality Time Together:

In our busy lives, spending quality time with our kids is invaluable. Dedicate time on Valentine's Day to engage in activities that your kids love. Whether it's playing board games, spending family meals together, baking together, or going for a family walk, the key is to focus on each other and create cherished moments. Put away distractions like phones and enjoy the simple pleasure of being together. Your kids will look back to your special family nights with fond memories for years to come! 

Family Movie Night:

Create a cozy family movie night with a selection of heartwarming films that resonate with the theme of love and family. Prepare some snacks, gather blankets, and let your kids pick their favorite movies or discover new ones. This relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere will not only entertain your family but also provide an opportunity for open discussions about the significance of love in their lives.

If you’re looking for fun and healthy recipes to create for your kids, we recommend our Baked Fruit and Veggie Chips along with our homemade Hummus Recipe. A warm and sweet treat to cozy up to are our homemade Hot Cocoa Bombs! An easy way to make a recipe more Valentine’s Day-themed is to plate it on a heart-shaped plate or bowl or use fun heart themed mugs for your hot cocoa. We also love these strawberry Valentine’s Day-themed marshmallows that would add the perfect addition to hot cocoa with pink and red sprinkles. Of course you can’t forget the Valentine’s Day candy too! 

Create a Love Jar:

Start a new tradition by creating a family love jar. Throughout the day, encourage each family member to write down things they love about one another on small pieces of paper. Collect these notes in the love jar and take turns reading them aloud during a special family dinner. This activity fosters appreciation and gratitude, reminding everyone of the unique qualities that make each family member special.

To create your own love jar, you will need a plain jar (we recommend a mason jar or large canning jar), scraps of paper, markers, and a label for the jar. You can easily customize a Write On Label with Valentine’s Day-themed colors to make the perfect label for your family Love Jar. 


Valentine's Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the love with your family members. By incorporating these heartfelt gestures, you can create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between you and your kids. Remember, love comes in many forms, and expressing it in thoughtful ways can have a profound impact on your family relationships. This Valentine's Day, show your kids that they are cherished and loved beyond measure.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Xoxo, the Name Bubbles Family

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