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5 Easy Halloween DIYs To Recreate With Your Children

Ariel Luy


Sep 21, 23

5 Easy Halloween DIYs To Recreate With Your Children


Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than by crafting some fun and festive decorations with your children? Do-it-yourself or “DIY” Halloween crafts are a great way to bond with your little ones and a fantastic opportunity to embrace the festivities of the season. Plus, they are a great activity to help prevent boredom, decrease screen time, and inspire creativity in your children.

After completing these simple yet impressive projects, your little ones will feel a sense of accomplishment. You can even share these fun Halloween crafts at a Halloween party for others to enjoy too! In this blog post, we'll explore some easy Halloween DIYs you can recreate with your children for a memorable and enjoyable Halloween season.

Halloween DIY #1: Spooky Spider Webs

Do you still need Halloween home decor? Don’t head to the store; instead, why don’t we make it with your little ones? This easy Halloween craft idea will add a spooktacular vibe to any corner, wall, or doorway of your home. Not only is this easy craft interactive and so much fun, but it is also inexpensive to create and uses few materials.


- Black yarn or string

- White yarn or string

- Scissors

- Tape


   - Begin by cutting a length of black yarn for the spider web's framework.

   - Tape the black yarn to a wall or door, creating a star-like shape.

   - Now, have your child wrap white yarn around the black yarn, creating a spider web pattern.

   - Continue until you're satisfied with the web's appearance.

   - Cut and secure the yarn, and your spooky spider web is ready to scare!

Halloween DIY #2: Jack-O'-Lantern Mason Jars

Our Jack-O’-Lantern Mason Jars are an easier and cleaner alternative to carving pumpkins. Instead of dealing with pumpkin innards and seeds and carving all your children’s pumpkins, try out this mason jar craft! Plus – this Halloween craft can still illuminate your pumpkins with battery-operated tea lights for that full Jack-O’-Lantern effect. 


- Clean mason jars

- Orange paint or orange tissue paper

- Black construction paper

- Glue

- Battery-operated tea lights


- For painted jars, let your child paint the outside of a mason jar with orange paint and let it dry.

- Alternatively, for a tissue paper effect, cut orange tissue paper into small pieces and use glue to adhere them to the outside of the jar.

- Cut out spooky faces from the black construction paper and glue them onto the dried or tissue-covered jars.

- Place battery-operated tea lights inside the jars for a spooky glow.

- If you have multiple kids with similar Jack-O’-Lantern Mason Jars, we recommend using our Name Labels on the bottom of the jar to easily label the mason jar’s slippery surface and keep track of which craft belongs to whom.

Halloween DIY #3: Ghostly Handprints

Handprint crafts are not only super fun to do with your children, but they make a great holiday memento. This Ghostly Handprint project is a fun way to allow your kids to interact with paint but also for you to document their Halloween season. This is optional, but we recommend labeling the year and their name on the back of the paper or canvas after completing this craft idea so that you can reflect back in the future on this special Halloween! 


- White paper or canvas

- Black paint or black markers

- Paintbrushes or markers

- Water for cleaning hands


- Have your child dip their hand in black paint or use black markers to trace their hand on a piece of white paper or canvas.

- Let it dry, and voila! You have a ghostly handprint.

- For added fun, you can turn the handprints into little ghosts by drawing eyes and a mouth on each one.

Halloween DIY #4: Spooky Potion Bottles

Help your little one unleash their inner “Evil Chemist” with this Spooky Potion Bottles activity. After you have made the potions, these potions are a great play tool or prop for all their make-believe playtime!


- Empty glass bottles or jars

- Labels or brown craft paper

- Markers or printed labels

- Liquid glue

- Water with food coloring (to create "potions")


- Help your child create spooky labels for the bottles. You can use brown craft paper and markers or use our Customizable Write-On Labels. Our Write-On Labels come with a reusable Hydro-Pencil so that your kids can rename their potions as many times as they please! Plus the labels are waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe, so they won’t fall off like the brown craft paper.

- Attach the labels to the bottles using liquid glue.

- Fill the bottles with water dyed with food coloring to resemble spooky potions.

- Arrange the bottles on a table or shelf as Halloween decorations.

Halloween DIY #5: Halloween Wreath

Wreaths can be super expensive – so why not make it yourself? This is another DIY project that both you AND your children will enjoy. Plus, you’ll see this project daily as you’re walking in and out of the home to remind you of the special time spent with your children.


- A foam or straw wreath form

- Black and orange ribbon

- Plastic spiders, bats, or other spooky decorations

- Glue gun and glue sticks


 - Wrap the wreath form with black and orange ribbon, securing it with a glue gun.

 - Attach plastic spiders, bats, or other Halloween decorations to the wreath using the glue gun.

- Hang your spooky Halloween wreath on your front door or inside your home for a festive touch.


Creating Halloween DIYs with your children is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit and a fantastic bonding experience. These easy Halloween crafts allow your kids to unleash their creativity while adding a personalized and homemade touch to your Halloween decor. So, gather your crafting supplies and start making memories that will last a lifetime with these delightful DIYs! For more Halloween-themed DIYs, make sure to follow our Instagram and check out our blog for more holiday-themed crafts. 

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