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Getting Organized in 2022 Means Never Digging Through the Lost and Found Again

Rob Robles


Dec 16, 21

We’ve all been there: elbow deep in a lost and found bin, digging around for a toy your kid simply can’t live without? Even though they’re the one who lost track of it in the first place. Meanwhile, there are three in the bin, and you can’t remember which one is theirs.

This is the year you’re going to conquer the lost and found and get organized. You can avoid the dreaded dig – seriously, you can! Of course, you can’t prevent your kids from losing their stuff, but you now have a way to get it back. Customizable contact labels from Name Bubbles are the cutest solution around. Adorable stickers that are designed to hold – and we mean they really hold on tight – to let people know who the item belongs to and how to return it.

And let’s be perfectly honest, it’s not just the kids that are losing stuff. Labeling everything is a great start for your quest to get organized in 2022 and stay organized.

The Name Bubbles Beginning 

These lost items are exactly the reason Name Bubbles were created. Michelle Brandriss, founder and president of Name Bubbles, was simply done with her son losing his favorite things. Her first solution: tape and a permanent marker. The next solution: Name Bubbles.

These customizable stickers and iron-ons are designed to stay in place through the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and washing machine. Not to mention the times they’re drug through puddles, pushed through sand boxes, dropped from strollers and backpacks, and thrown just about everywhere.

How To Make the Most of Contact Labels 

The contact labels pack is a first step toward being organized and reclaiming all of your lost items. Having your child’s name on their daycare and school items is usually enough to get them returned. Listing their name and homeroom can be a little more efficient, depending on the size of their school.

Once your kids leave the school grounds, there are all sorts of places for them to lose valuable and cherished items. Just a name is never going to work, which is why our contact labels let you add up to three extra lines of contact information. Include your address, phone number, an email, or anything you can come up with that will help your lost items find their way home. 

Remember, these labels aren’t just for your kids’ supplies. They’re perfect for cellphones, computers, tablets, and all those other things you can’t live without. 

clothing labels
Contact and Clothing Labels in Different Sizes

Our stacked contact labels pack comes with three different sticker styles. It’s not just our value pack that has a variety of stickers, we offer options in our single orders, too. Sometimes you need a small sticker because you don’t have a lot of space and other times you want a large one with all your contact information.

To get multiple sticker styles, you can order our Stacked package or slide on over to the contact labels page or the press and stick clothing labels and begin customizing your order. Once you’ve made all of your selections and you’re reviewing the order, you get the option of adding more stickers in different sizes. It’s the best way to get the color and print you want in a variety of sizes and shapes.

How to Use Name Bubbles Labels

If this is your first time using Name Bubbles, you’re going to be surprised at how well they work. The trick is to follow the directions carefully so you achieve maximum adhesion. 

  • For non-clothing surfaces. It’s best if you wash the surface first and give it time to dry. Then simply apply the sticker and let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Laminated clothing tags. These labels are designed to go on clothing that already has a care tag. They go directly on that tag and not on the clothing itself. They don’t hold as well on the fabric as they do on the tag and might come off in the wash.
  • Unlaminated clothing labels. There are so many tag-less clothing options now that this label was developed as a much-needed tagging solution. They do not work as well when they’re put directly on the fabric, but if there’s a brand label inside the garment, these peel-and-stick tags do a great job of staying in place.

One thing that’s important to note, our labels are durable and long lasting, but we can’t guarantee that they’re permanent. Prolonged picking, chewing, and sucking on a label can cause it to lose its adhesive qualities. This is why we don’t recommend using them on things like teething rings, blankets, or other items your child loves to put in their mouth. 

That’s it, follow those directions and you’ll have the cutest labels around, you’ve taken the first step toward being more organized, and you’ll never have to dig through the lost and found again!


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