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How to Label for Spring Sports

Ariel Luy


Feb 20, 23

If you’ve been struggling with the winter blues, don’t fret – the first day of spring is just around the corner! Many parents look forward to warm weather, more opportunities to be outside with their kiddos, and for spring sports to start back up! We know that many children enjoy soccer, baseball, basketball, track, lacrosse, and other warm weather-related sports they haven’t been able to participate in during the cold winter months. In preparation for the spring sports season, we are going to be discussing how to label for spring sports. 

The best sports labels to use in spring sports are waterproof. This ensures that sweat, rain, or mud won't ruin the label during the activity. It’s important to choose labeling products with an adhesive that won’t damage or discolor clothing, uniforms, pads, and other gear while remaining firmly attached even after repeated washing and wear. 

Name Bubbles Labels are the way to go

This is why Name Bubbles Labels are perfect for organizing little athletes. With our high-quality waterproof, laundry-safe, and dishwasher-safe labels, Name Bubbles is ideal for any spring sports jersey or gear.

Suppose you need individual personalization options such as names and numbers. In that case, we offer label designs like our Jersey Sports Label Pack that allows you to add your child’s number, name, and contact information. If you’re looking for labels that represent the sports they play, we have a plethora of adorable designs. Our Sports Label Collection page shows off our designs, like baseball, soccer, cheer, and more. Additionally, our labels are perfect for school just as they are perfect for sports season. Our labels do a great job of labeling both sports equipment and school supplies. 

The Pros of Name Bubbles Labels

Spring sports also require labels that can stand up to the elements. For example, batting helmets need labels that are strong enough to withstand impacts and abrasions, while shoes and jerseys must have permanent labeling that won't rub off or become damaged due to regular wear and tear. Labels used for soccer should be designed to stay in place even when exposed to dirt, oil, grease, and other debris common on fields. 

Name Bubbles creates labels designed for different materials and equipment. Our Shoe Labels are great for keeping track of sneakers and cleats. Our Clothing Labels are laundry-safe and keep jerseys, jackets, socks, and more appropriately organized. Our Name Labels are ideal for water bottles, coolers, and snack containers. With the correct type of Name Bubble label for each sport your child plays, you can be sure their equipment is properly labeled without worrying about it becoming lost during play.

What Needs to Be Labeled

If you’re looking for a checklist of what should be labeled for spring sports, here are our recommendations:

Clothing Items

    • Jerseys
    • Jackets
    • Training Gear
    • Extra changes of clothes
    • Socks


    • Cleats
    • Sneakers
    • Shower Shoes

Water and Food Containers

    • Coolers
    • Waterbottles
    • Food Containers


    • Backpacks
    • Gym Bags


    • Towels
    • Bug Spray or Sunscreen
    • Medication

Equipment (Dependent on the Sport)

    • Helmets
    • Shin Guards
    • Baseball Bats
    • Baseball Mitt
    • Gloves
    • Lacrosse Stick
    • Etc.

Happy Labeling!

No matter what sports your children play, having durable and long-lasting labels can help keep them and their teams organized while they are on and off the field. Equipment can be expensive, and it’s easy to misplace important gear on the field or at the gym. With the right labeling solution for spring sports, you can ensure that your children hold onto their essential items and avoid the lost-and-found.

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