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5 Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts You Can DIY

Ariel Luy


May 30, 23

Father’s Day is just around the corner – do you have a gift in mind? It can be challenging to find or create meaningful DIY Fathers Day gifts that the special men in your life will love (and use), but we have a few homemade gift ideas for you! 

Father’s Day Gift #1: Customized Photo Coasters

A photo can speak a thousand words or share a meaningful memory. Whether it’s a throwback photo from childhood or a recent family photo, this gift serves as both home decor and a memory brought to life that he’ll love. Gather some favorite family photos and head to our sister website, Sticker & Co, to create personalized photo stickers. We found these plain ceramic coasters that fit Sticker and Co’s 4 inch circle stickers. Simply order the photo stickers and then peel and stick them onto cork or wooden coasters. Another idea would be ordering photo stickers of kids artwork and placing them on the coasters as well. You won’t need to laminate the coasters since Sticker & Co’s permanent material is waterproof and dishwasher safe and is perfect to hold hot coffee mugs or cups of yummy soda or sweet tea.

Father’s Day Gift #2: An Essentials Pack

If you have a forgetful man in your life, we recommend giving them a pack of our Name Bubbles labels! Our labels are not just for kids, they’re great for adults. Here at Name Bubbles, our team members will frequently use their labels to keep track of their phone chargers, keys, and journals. Customize a pack of our Neutral Labels for Dad and then use the labels on a phone charger, can opener, wallet, glasses case, and keys. These are all frequently lost items that definitely need to be labeled and kept track of. Lastly, grab a Father’s Day card and write a fun little note like, “To the man who we love and can never forget, here are a few important items that will be hard to lose!

Father’s Day Gift #3: The Sweetest Tackle Box 

Is your Dad a fisherman or outdoorsman with a mega sweet tooth? Then he’ll go crazy over this next gift! For this gift idea, you’ll need a plastic lure box and a variety of his favorite candies. We recommend candies like Swedish Fish and Gummy Worms to play off the tackle-box idea. Lastly, grab a card and write, “Of all the dads in the sea, I’m glad we caught you!” and pair your gift with outdoor gear like a new fishing hat or lures. This perfect gift is easy to create and oh-so-fun to gift.

Father’s Day Gift #4: For the Grill Master

For the grill loving dad who loves spending his time by the barbecue, this customized Father’s Day gift will be an instant hit! Purchase a plain apron, grab some fabric markers, and let your little ones decorate a grilling apron for their favorite Grill Master. A few slogans you could use to decorate the apron could be: 

  • To the best FLIPPING Dad
  • King of the Grill
  • Our favorite Grill Master
  • King in the Kitchen
  • Grill Master Grandpa

Father’s Day Gift #5: Custom Catch All Bowl

Many kiddos love to play with clay and create different handmade artwork. If you have a little one who would like to handmake a Father’s Day gift he’ll love, purchase air-dry clay to create a catch-all bowl. Roll the clay into a ball and use your finger to make a hole. Then, pinch around the hole to slowly shape a bowl. Let it harden and then use acrylic or non-toxic paint to customize. Once the paint is dry, seal everything with Mod Podge. We guarantee any father will be a fan of this DIY gift and it will be a great space to hold all their small items on their desk or dresser.

Happy Father’s Day!

We hope you enjoyed reading our 5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts for the important Dads and Grandpas in your life! For more holiday DIYs, crafts, or activity ideas, follow us on Instagram or read our previous blog posts

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