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Easy Summer Activities to Cure Boredom with Kids

Ariel Luy


Jun 07, 23

Easy Summer Activities to Cure Boredom with Kids

School is officially out (or ALMOST), which means your household is most likely jumping for joy over summer vacation! However, many parents know that while the initial summer excitement can be bold and bubbling, summer boredom can quickly settle in after a few weeks of endless playtime. But don’t fret over bored kids! Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, play, and enjoy the great outdoors. As a parent or caregiver, it's important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your little ones engaged and entertained during those long summer days. In this blog post, we'll share a few ideas for easy and fun summer activities that are sure to cure boredom and create lasting memories with your kids.

Backyard Camping:

Camping doesn't always require a trip to a campground. One of our easy summer boredom busters is to host an at-home camping trip. Set up a tent in your own backyard, complete with sleeping bags, lanterns, and a picnic dinner. Encourage your kids to unplug from technology and immerse themselves in nature. Make the night an experience of outdoor play by telling stories, spotting constellations, and roasting marshmallows for a quintessential camping experience right at home.

Water Fun:

Beat the heat by engaging in various water activities. Set up a kiddie pool in the backyard or a local park and have a water balloon fight or run through the sprinklers. If you're near a lake or beach, build sandcastles, search for seashells, or try your hand at paddleboarding. Water activities are not only refreshing but also offer endless opportunities for laughter and fun. A cool and refreshing treat for a water day could be ice cream or popsicle sticks. You could make this event more exciting by allowing your kids to invite friends and family. If you’re daring, we recommend making your own slip n slide! Simply grab a tarp, add a few squirts of baby soap for extra slippiness and turn the hose on. This is a great way cure boredom all summer long from the convenience of your backyard or park.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Another idea to cure summer boredom is spend time outside on hiking trails or in your own backyard. Not only is this summer activity absolutely free, but it’s a great excuse to head on a family walk and learn more about nature. Explore the wonders of nature by organizing a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for your kids to find, such as specific types of leaves, rocks, or flowers. Provide them with a small bag or basket to collect their treasures. This activity not only keeps them engaged but also fosters a love for the outdoors and encourages observation skills. You could even turn your nature scavenger hunt into an indoor or rainy day activity by journaling or creating a craft from the outdoor treasures you found. 

DIY Arts and Crafts:

Speaking of craft time, setting up a designated arts and crafts area where your kids can unleash their creativity is an easy boredom-busting activity. Provide them with various art supplies, such as paints, markers, colored pencils, and paper. Encourage them to create their own masterpieces or engage in collaborative projects like making a family mural. If the weather is nice, encourage your kids to draw outside with sidewalk chalk as well. Artistic activity allows children to express themselves while honing their creative skills and developing a new hobby!

Organization Station:

Summer is a great time to get organized, and it is the optimal time to involve your kids and help them build those skills. Create an organization station which would be a designated area to sort items like toys, laundry, and school supplies. We recommend stocking your organization station with Name Bubbles labels and encouraging your kids to help label essential items for camp, school, or sports. Kids will have a blast using your labels to decorate (and organize) their items!

Family Book Club:

A great activity to promote for your children is reading. During the summer, it is the optimal time for kids to get several hours of reading in, and your children may discover new series or authors that will captivate them during their times of boredom. We recommend heading to your local library to create your own free account and library card if you have not already and spending an hour or two each week picking out new books that suit your children’s reading levels. If you have older books your children are no longer interested in, you could also participate in a book swap with your friends or family members to gain a free book or two. Along with library trips, you could create a family book club to include your whole family in enjoying a book this summer. This is great for families with little ones on different reading levels. 

Movie Nights:

On those hot summer nights when staying indoors is preferable, turn your living room into a cozy movie theater. Set up a projector or simply gather around the television with blankets and pillows. Let your kids take turns selecting their favorite movies, complete with popcorn and snacks. Movie nights are a great way to relax, bond, and enjoy some family time.

We Hope you Enjoy these Summer Activities for Kids!

With these easy summer activities in your arsenal, boredom will be a thing of the past for your kids. From backyard camping to nature walks and movie nights, there's an endless array of fun and engaging options to keep them entertained throughout the summer. Remember, the key is to foster creativity, exploration, and quality time spent together. So get ready to create cherished memories and make this summer truly unforgettable for your family.

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