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Pairing Celebrity Baby Names with Name Bubbles Labels

Ariel Luy


Apr 19, 23

5 Unique Celebrity Baby Names Meet Personalized Name Labels

A week ago, we were scrolling on Instagram when we came across an eye-catching post that read “Kindercore Baby Names,” and we have to admit – we were immediately sucked in. Perhaps it was because we had no idea what “Kindercore” meant, or it is because we are part of a collective group of people who have a considerable interest in baby names, but after swiping through the Instagram post, we fell down the enticing rabbit hole of baby names. 

The natural progression of falling into the baby name vortex was coming across Nameberry - the world’s largest website devoted to baby names (aka the Goliath of baby name sites).

Nameberry is the one-stop shop for baby names. With articles reporting on topics like “Old Money Names,” “Trendiest Names of 2023,” and “Adorable Baby Names That Have the Worst Meanings,” it’s almost a guarantee you will be instantly hooked on scrolling through their social media posts and website.

In all honesty, it makes sense why we have such care for baby names. Here at Name Bubbles, we deal heavily with names, and all our products are fully customizable to fit a child’s name and interest. Since every child is unique – all our products can be personalized to be unique, from our designs to the fonts and the colors used.So when we came across Nameberry, we could not think of a partnership with better synergy. 

We reached out to Nameberry and got in contact with Sophie, the Editor-and-Chief, who was equally enthusiastic about a collaboration. Our brands decided the best way to combine both Name Bubbles and Nameberry would be by highlighting something the Internet loves: Celebrity Baby Names.

Don’t ask us the psychology behind why we as a society love debating potential Kardashian baby names or questioning why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their eldest daughter “Apple.” That we fully cannot explain. But we understand the obsession, and in this blog post, we encourage it.

In collaboration with Nameberry, we paired 5 celebrity baby names with 5 of our label designs to fit the uniqueness and essence of each name.

Esti Maxine - John Legend and Chrissy Teigen:

What happens when a model with a killer sense of humor and impressive cooking skills meets a suave and classy Grammy-winning musician-slash-producer? In Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s case, they fall in love and create a family. Meet Esti Maxine, the daughter and third child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The youngest sibling of Luna Simone and Miles Theodore, Esti Maxine, was named after John's great-grandmother – Esther and grandmother's middle name – Maxine. It’s a “spunky vintage revival name,” comments Sophie—a mix of two classic names reinvented for the modern family. 

We picture gingham, plaid, and polka dots when we think of classic prints. Timeless designs that could be from your grandma’s wardrobe from the 60s or from Target today. That’s why we chose our Pom Pom label design – a colorful and spunky take on traditional polka dots. The font is another spin on a classic: bold and looping cursive. With colorful polka dots and a fun cursive script, our label customizations represent the sassy and punchy name, Esti Maxine. 

Halo Marie - Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott:

Celebrities Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott are the parents of their sweet daughter Halo Marie. Cannon, a father of 12 children, met the model on the set of Wild ‘n Out. 

According to the Nameberry website, Halo “stems from the Greek halos, meaning “disc of the sun or moon,” entering the English language during the 16th century. Halo replaced the word “glory” in relation to divine light, adopting the meaning “divine aura.”

We get major celestial vibes from Halo, so our multicolor icon label with a star icon is a compelling fit. The combination of celestial Halo with the sweet middle name Marie provides us with princess energy coming straight out of a storybook, so we found it was only fitting to select the color palette “Fairy Tale,” a charming mix of soft lavender and rose.

Sullivan Louis - Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

If there is one thing we know about Jesse Tyler Ferguson, he is bound to put a smile on our faces. With his contagious energy and his charismatic on-screen and off-screen personality, we are big fans of Ferguson and his talented producer husband, Justin Mikita. Sullivan Louis, the adorable baby boy, of this celebrity pair is the second child of Ferguson-Mikita.  

If you need any more reasons to love this celebrity couple, they started their own fashion brand dedicated to raising support for the LGBTQIA+ community called Pronoun. Pronoun features colorful and funky patterns designed in partnership with other artisans, and we were inspired by the color scheme of Ferguson-Mikita’s brand to select the Rainbow Zig-Zag design for a Sullivan Louis-inspired label. Finishing off the label with our Child’s Play font to encompass the joyful energy of the Ferguson-Mikita family, we love how upbeat the name label turned out.

Royce Lillian Elizabeth - Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma:

Rebel Wilson is best known for her larger-than-life personality and her dynamic presence on the silver screen. With a unique name like Rebel, we could only dream of what a wonderful baby name she would create for her own daughter. Welcomed by her mother, Rebel Wilson, via surrogate in November 2022, Royce Lillian Elizabeth is a baby girl’s name fit for a queen (literally). Royce was named after royalty with her middle name, “Elizabeth,” chosen to honor the late queen. As for the name “Royce,” Rebel’s one stipulation was that she was looking for a name that started with an “R” to match hers and her partner, Ramona Agruma’s names. 

All-in-all, we are a big fan of the double middle name and the cool-girl elegance this name exudes, which is why we had to choose our classy Swan Design paired with our “Fancy” font to sum up Royce Lillian Elizabeth’s name perfectly.

Ozzie Bennett - Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith:

Last but certainly not least, meet Ozzie Bennett. The second son of actress and musician Mandy Moore and Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, Ozzie is a name of English and German descent name, meaning “divine.” What is oh-so-divine is the connection initiated between Moore and Goldsmith because of their mutual appreciation for music. We chose our multi-icon label pack and customized it with a guitar icon to represent Ozzie’s parents' shared love of music. Lastly, we chose the color palette “Trooper,” in which the burgundy, mustard yellow, and navy blue colors are reminiscent of Dawes’ own color palette.

Our multicolor icon packs are easily the most customizable when it comes to personalizing almost every aspect of a sticker pack. From the countless icons ranging from fairies to race cars and aliens and the multitude of color palettes, these labels are ideal for creating a unique label design.


From our initial descent into the baby name vortex to a partnership with Nameberry, our interest in baby names has yielded better results than imagined. But let’s be clear: Unique baby names and label designs aren’t celebrity exclusive. Anyone can customize a pack of Name Bubbles labels that perfectly reflect the uniqueness and essence of their children. 

So we hope this article entices you to scroll through Nameberry’s website, discover a new potential baby name, and then head to the Name Bubbles website to find a label design that seems right for your kiddos. 

So whether you’re looking for a unique baby name from Nameberry or a personalized product to help keep your kiddos organized from Name Bubbles, we both aim to help families and children covered in all the exciting steps of parenthood.

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