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Why Iron-On Clothing Labels are a Must-Add for All 2020 Back-to-School Shopping Lists

JoAnna Schwartz


Jul 29, 20

Back-to-School shopping has started for many parents, and this year's landscape appears to be a little different from usual. It will not be easy for you as parents, but we know that if we all come together, we will come out of this stronger than before. was founded as a way for parents to worry less each time they sent their kids off into the vast big world. Avoiding mix-ups and making sure those precious belongings return home with your child at the end of the day can alleviate a lot of stress. It's a big task, but we've taken it on because we have been in the same shoes you are in, and in many cases, we still are!

Because of COVID-19, we have had to learn how to live in a new normal. This new way of doing things is by no means convenient, but our adaptability shows our resilience and ingenuity. We are the type of people and the type of parents that will do anything we can to give our children the best moments throughout this global emergency, while simultaneously prioritizing safety.

This school year probably looks different for you and your kids, depending on where you are. For some communities, students will be learning in-full in a classroom with socially distant measures in place. Other students may find themselves at home, fully immersed in e-learning. The rest of the children will likely find themselves in a hybrid of the two styles, with an online and in-person learning split.

Facemasks are essential for helping all of us get through this situation safelyLike we said before, it's chaotic, but things will only run smoothly if we're all on board this train together by supporting our teachers and kids as best we can.
While the learning landscape may differ from region-to-region, one thing has remained constant throughout all of the discussions: the need for facemasks.
Facemasks are essential for helping all of us get through this situation safely. And if the thing we can do to help is making sure a piece of fabric is over our face and our children's faces, we will happily oblige.
So, we know that masks are crucial to help ease the situation. But it goes further than this. To keep everyone safe, we need to ensure that masks aren't getting mixed up with others when our little ones go back to school. Unless your kid's face mask has a unique design, many cloth masks look pretty much the same. This thought was concerning to us when we began thinking about the inevitable mix-ups that usually occur when going back to school in an average year - let alone in 2020.

Name Bubbles wants to make sure that your child's mask leaves with them every morning and comes home with them each afternoon. Now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that a classmate or friend doesn't accidentally swap their face coverings for your child's. 

Thus, we're making a case that our Iron-On Labels should be added to your back to school shopping list this upcoming school year. 

These permanent labels are laundry safe, dryer safe, and go on like a dream. Once they are ironed on, they will never come off (hence them being permanent). Throw the masks in the washer and dryer when your child gets home from school and leave the germs behind! You won't have to worry about any mask mix-ups because your child will know exactly which one is theirs, and so will everyone else!

Applying our Iron-On Labels to any fabric is easy. See the steps below: 

  1. Heat iron to the hottest cotton setting.
  2. Place the label onto the outside mask, text side up, and preferably in the corner.
  3. Cover the label with parchment paper (We provide that for you).
  4. Firmly press the iron onto the parchment paper for 15-20 seconds.
  5. If edges curl after the first try, repeat as needed.

Iron-On Kids Labels are a surefire way to enable easy safety precautions, without making it seem that way for kiddos who might be nervous amongst all of this newness. It might even make your child want to wear their mask more if they have a personalized and fun design that will make them feel more confident overall!

In an effort to help avoid mix-ups and keep your child (and their classmates) safe this upcoming school year, we are running a promotion for 30% off all of our Iron-Labels. Use code FACEMASK at checkout now through the end of September. Shop Iron-On Labels here.

One last tip...

Having at least two masks on hand is also another suggestion we found helpful. If one facemask happens to be in the wash, you can swap out for a new one!

Thanks for reading and joining us this week. We wish you and your family a very safe and healthy back to school season. We are here for you.

JoAnna Schwartz

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