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Special and Safe Outdoor Summer Fun

JoAnna Schwartz


Jul 21, 20

Summer is well upon us, and it's thrilling to have some sunshine and warm weather after the last few months. We hope this time of long days and beautiful weather is filled with everything you might need. For our team at Name Bubbles, it's all about family time and relaxation.
It wouldn't be shocking this summer if you found yourself searching for activities that everyone could participate in together without it feeling slightly repetitive. A positive aspect of this dilemma is that this means there hasn't been a shortage of quality family bonding time. Inversely though, in addition to having your normal activities put off, you might have found yourself searching for new tasks to keep you and your loved ones busy and engaged.
There are positives and negatives in every situation. We will continue rising to what the moment calls for, to be who we need to be, for our loved ones, and our communities. 
Sometimes, we are called to bring some fun!
We have found through this experience that there are so many ways to get creative, so we can enjoy our summers, all while staying in our comfort zones. Whether you spend your time with immediate and extended family or a small group of close friends, we have got you covered when it comes to being safe, while still having your summer fun. So, here is the definitive list of outdoor activities for Summer 2020.
We've said it, and you know it for sure: summer is for the outdoors. After months of hibernation, we crave the fresh air and the simple pleasures of nature. However, everyone desiring the same experiences can leave many of us feeling a little nervous about venturing out.
The most significant piece of advice to take away from this is that the early bird gets the worm. In addition to beating the crowds, heading out early in the day allows you to beat the heat. The only thing you have to worry about is packing everyone into the car. Beyond that, the peace of mind will let you savor every moment of that bike ride, swim, or hike. 
You don't have to go as far as you think to get a new and exciting experience. Often during summer vacation, we try and get as far away from our daily lives as possible. Now is the perfect time to go out to spots that are just far enough away from your home where you feel like you can leave the routine behind - but close enough that you can go there and back within a day!
If you're looking for a little more creativity, or maybe feel like you can't head out for a day trip because your beach gear isn't labeled with our waterproof labels yet, you might enjoy making or playing some backyard games.
Name Bubbles waterproof labels Two games that immediately come to mind: Bocce ball and Cornhole.
They are true staples in outdoor activities. If they aren't already for you and your family, we recommend joining in on the fun. Even if you don't have "game regulation" pieces to play, all you really need is some space and a little creativity.
I hope there aren't any Bocce fanatics reading this, but you could get away with playing a game using eight tennis balls and a golf ball. All you would have to do is differentiate a group of four tennis balls from the other four and voila, two teams are ready to play! 
If you're pretty handy, you could even build your own Cornhole board with some plywood, premium studs, and wood screws. However, if you lack the knack or the know-how to make a regulation game board like some of us on the team, you can get crafty with simple supplies. 
To build a cardboard version, all you need is two sturdy boxes, an Exacto knife, and tape or glue for binding it together. You can sew two pieces of felt or two thin canvases together and put beans inside the bags for weight. And here is the best part: you can decorate your boards with really anything you want! You can even place one of our Custom Labels onto your new board if that is what you are into, so that when the time comes to share it with more friends, they know exactly who to compliment on their fantastic carpentry skills!
Another thing to keep in mind is that you might find bliss right in your own backyard. There are many ways to transform the space you already have into something nearly unrecognizable. You can give your family a feeling of being somewhere new, and everyone can get in on the fun of creating this environment.
One idea might be to camp out in your backyard.
Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. Set up a s'mores bar for your little ones (and yourself) to dig into all night while telling campfire stories. A favorite and underrated s'mores topping of our team is peanut butter cups. The molten gooey goodness is absolutely incredible!
If sleeping outdoors doesn't interest you, then why not consider an outdoor movie night? You can create your own "drive-in" movie theatre with a large white sheet and projector, and before you know it, you've started a fun tradition! Get cozy with blankets and pillows, get some popcorn ready, and enjoy your cinematic adventure. 
We recommend becoming a little resourceful and requiring movie night tickets for entry that can only be earned by finishing a chore or two. This activity is relatively easy, but it will be so memorable for you and your little ones.
During the daytime, we love the idea of creating a treasure hunt. This activity's beauty is that you can determine the duration by how many items you choose to hide. Whether you need 30 minutes or two hours, you can create fun. Turn everyday objects into valuable treasures, and the kids will be going for hours!
Now that beautiful weather is here, we all deserve to enjoy it. There are many ways to keep you and your family busy, even while in your own backyard or your close vicinity. Now, more than ever, we are required to think creatively and keep minds active.
We hope this guide was helpful and inspired you a bit to get out and breathe in the fresh air. 
Our team wishes you and your loved ones well. Until the next one…this is The Weekly Bubble!

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