Clothing Label Packs

Clothing Label Packs

Clothing Label Packs

Losing clothes left and right? We’ve got you covered! Choose from our variety of Clothing Label Packs! Our stick-on or iron-on labels will help put those trips to the lost-and-found to an end. All of our clothing labels go through the washer and dryer with no re-applying necessary!

Clothing Label Packs

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Whether your kids are just playing in the playroom or they're at a friends house, you always seem to be buying new clothes for them because they all seem to go "missing." These personalized Clothing Label Packs are top of the line-- Made from premium material and eco-friendly ink. Whether you have clothing with care tags or without care tags, we have the labels for both that will both withstand the wash. Make your choice between laminated labels, unlaminated labels, or iron-on labels! These labels are all durable, waterproof, and also laundry and dryer safe, so you won't need to reapply them after each wash! When your children are growing by the minute, buying clothing for them is more of a regular occurrence than you would like it to be. When they leave things behind at school, a friend's house, practice, or the playground, the last thing you want to do is repurchase new clothing that they will grow out of. It's time you purchase labels that will keep it all coming home, no matter where they are!


Are all clothing labels for kids waterproof?

All of our custom name labels for clothing in our clothing label value packs are washable and waterproof. At Name Bubbles, each of our personalized clothing labels is made with durable material and has been tested to withstand anything your kiddo puts them through! These [name labels for clothing]( in this value pack can be put through any wash cycle as well.

How many labels come in a value pack of name labels for clothing?

Each of our clothing labels for kids' value packs comes with plenty of [clothing name stickers]( Some of our personalized clothing label packs come with 68, 74, or 94 name labels for clothing. Decide how many [name labels]( your child needs, and select the clothing sticker label value pack that works best for your child’s clothes.

What is included in each pack of personalized clothing labels?

At Name Bubbles, each of our kids’ clothing labels in our clothing label value pack comes with numerous washable clothing labels that can be applied directly to your little one’s apparel. Some of these value packs of our personalized clothing labels come with a variety of labels, including both [iron-on clothing labels]( and [stick-on clothing labels]( This assortment allows you to have both types of [name labels for clothing]( in one value pack.

Which designs are available to choose from for the pack of clothing labels for kids? 

Many of your child’s favorite Name Bubbles designs are available to choose from in our name labels for clothing value packs. You can choose one of the many patterns and prints for our personalized clothing labels, including ombre, camo, swan, all-star, basketball, gingham, llama, panda, mermaid, forest sky, and woodland animals. 

How can I apply the washable clothing labels from the clothing label value pack?

Each of our kids’ clothing labels in the clothing label value pack can be easily applied to an article of clothing. Decide if you are going to use an iron-on clothing label or a stick-on clothing label. Simply peel, iron-on, or press and stick the washable clothing label on the garment, respectively.

What types of clothes should be labeled with kids’ clothing labels? 

You can use the variety of stick-on and iron-on clothing labels included in each clothing sticker label value pack to apply to your child’s entire wardrobe. The personalized clothing labels in the clothing label value pack are perfect for labeling articles of clothing, including jackets, shirts, sweaters, coats, pants, socks, uniforms, jerseys, shorts, camp clothing, dance recital outfits, leotards, swimsuits, and more. 

Are the labels in the clothing sticker label pack waterproof? 

Yes, at Name Bubbles, all of our name labels for clothing in our clothing label value pack are water-resistant and can go through the washing machine and the dryer. These waterproof, personalized clothing labels will stay securely in place for the duration of your child’s clothes, and they will look brand new after each wash.