Value Packs

purple waterproof labels on school items

Value Packs

A variety of label sizes and shapes to cover all of your family’s needs, such as clothing, lunchboxes, backpacks, and more! These label packs are what you need for all things and occasions. Prep your little one with our daycare labels, and make sure expensive supplies stay accounted for with name stickers for school. Make sure your kiddo's belongings don't stray too far from the bunk with custom camp labels, and tag essential recreational gear with sports labels! No matter the need, you'll find a perfect label pack for your child!

Value Packs

Our name label packs are a fun way to personalize any items that head out the door with your child. Whether it be school, practice, daycare, camp, or a sleepover, these packs provide you with various sizes and shaped name labels, clothing labels, and even shoe labels! These waterproof, dishwasher safe, laundry safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe labels are made from premium material and eco-friendly ink, rest assured that you are receiving the most durable labels that will last through all washes. Take a peek at our selection of Camp Label Packs, Daycare Label Packs, Family Label Packs to share amongst your family, School Label Packs, and Clothing Label Packs to start on your path to being organized!


How do you make personalized kids labels for school supplies?

First, choose your name label pack. Next, choose your favorite style and customize it with your child's name. Then choose your preferred font and you're ready to go. Our [name stickers]( are durable and waterproof to ensure they stay put on your child's school supplies.

Are personalized name stickers waterproof?

Yes! Our personalized name sticker labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and laundry safe. Our value packs come with a variety of labels for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Whether your kids are jumping in puddles or playing in the mud, rain or shine our personalized waterproof labels will stick. 

Do you have personalized kids labels for school?

Absolutely! We have personalized name labels and stickers for school. You can customize our stickers with your child's name and add a phone number if you want. Our personalized name labels for kids come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Can I label kids' clothes?

Certainly! Putting name labels on kids' clothes is a great way to help keep clothes out of the lost & found. Our labels come in two easy-to-apply versions; [stick on]( and [iron on]( name labels. All of our [clothing labels]( are laundry and dryer safe.  

What are the best name labels for daycare?

Name Bubbles offers [daycare label packs]( to help label all of your baby's important belongings. Our personalized kid's labels are great for baby bottles, diaper bags, bibs & more. Our labels are laundry safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. No more need to worry if you have to warm the bottles or put them in the freezer for storage, our labels will stay in place.