Name Bubbles and Positivity Project

As a company that works so closely with families, we are always seeking ways to support children. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce our year-long partnership with The Positivity Project! In 2022, we aim to give $40,000 to this organization and sponsor 10 schools to learn with P2.

What is Positivity Project?

The Positivity Project (“P2”) was founded by Mike and Jeff, two West Point graduates and veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, who created a program designed to empower young people to build positive thinking and build positive relationships.

This program focuses on teaching the 24 character strengths of positive psychology. Mike and Jeff’s inspiration is Dr. Chris Peterson, one of the founders of positive psychology, who defines it as teaching, “Other people matter. Period.”

Stay tuned to our Positivity Corner Section of our blog. We'll be posting content on a regular basis with lessons and excercises you can do at home with you kids!


What is the goal?

The Positivity Project partners with schools and teachers to help combat negative thinking and create positive change all from the students’ classroom. The goal that the Name Bubbles Team wants to help achieve by 2022 is to reach 2,000 schools and 1 million students.

The Positivity Project’s main mission is to empower youth to build positive relationships that will help students become their best selves to reach their true potential. Through extensive research, Mike and Jeff became aware that narcissism instead of empathy, caring more about achievements instead of caring for others, and feelings of loneliness are all at a steep incline (especially in the younger generations).

What is the Process?

When an individual is surrounded by positive relationships, their health and happiness along with their resilience in their own life grow and the negative issues plaguing the current generation will decrease.


These tools and lessons The Positivity Project teaches help influence positive relationships in a student’s life and eventually leads to long-term positive impact in problem solving, a better understanding of emotions, and even professional growth and development.

All proceeds from the purchase of these waterproof sticker sheets will go towards our fundraising goal and help students across America become the best version of themselves!

Spread the Positivity

In collaboration with the Positivity Project, we’ve created 4 unique sticker sheets you can add to any Name Bubbles purchase. These stickers are extremely durable, water-resistant, and share adorable images and motivational quotes that we aim to make you feel inspired. All proceeds will go to P2!

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Bring Positivity to Your School!

Do you know students who could benefit from this program? Whether you’re a teacher or parent, you can bring this valuable curriculum to young people in your area! Click on the button to learn more.