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We've Passed $200,000 in Giving!

Ariel Luy


Jun 03, 22

13 years ago, our founder and President Michelle Brandriss created Name Bubbles as a way for parents to organize, label, and keep track of their kid’s items. With a son of her own, Michelle was frustrated that his items kept getting lost at daycare and her do-it-yourself labels made of sharpies and tape weren’t fixing the issue. With her DIY labels constantly falling off of her kid’s items, she knew she wasn’t the only parent dealing with this problem and sought to make a solution.

Meet Name Bubbles: In January of 2009, Name Bubbles was born and started selling the waterproof kids labels we all love around the world.

I started our charitable arm in 2010. I’ve always been drawn to organizations that help make a child’s day a little brighter through health, happiness, and education,” says Michelle.

It’s been 13 years since our origin story and 12 since we started giving back to organizations, and we still haven’t lost the passion we began with to help parents and kids find better solutions (and brighten a child's day). 

That’s why for the last 12 years, we’ve prioritized giving back to the community and supporting multiple organizations and charities that help families, children, and communities in a multitude of ways. 

This year, we are so proud to announce that we have given over $200,000! We could not have done this without you – our loyal and supportive Name Bubbles family – whose purchases have allowed these charitable contributions to be made. 

To celebrate this amazing milestone, we’re taking a blast back to the past and sharing a few of the incredible organizations we’ve supported and the contributions you have helped us make.

Michelle Brandriss, Name Bubbles founder and president, standing and smiling in front of a colorful classroom wall.

2010-11 | Water For People

In 2010, we announced our first partnership with Water For People. This nonprofit organization brings long-lasting water and sanitation solutions to 11 developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America. In launching the bag-tag campaign, Name Bubbles made an initial $10,000 donation to Water For People and committed an additional $1.25 to the cause for every bag tag purchased in 2010.

In total, Name Bubbles raised $14,000 for Water For People in 2011 for a grand total of $24,000. The donation will help efforts to educate citizens/residents and transform people’s lives by improving health and economic productivity to end the cycle of poverty.

2012 | Reading Is Fundamental

In 2012, Name Bubbles was proud to be a supporter of Reading Is Fundamental, the oldest literacy nonprofit in the country dedicated to placing books in the hands of children that need them most. As a part of our Giving Program, Name Bubbles made an initial monetary commitment of $10,000 dollars to RIF and is pleased to report that more than 3,000 orders of School-Themed Labels were purchased in support of the partnership.

2016-18 | Miracle Foundation

Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings life-changing care to the world's orphans. Together with donors, Miracle Foundation transforms local orphanages into homes, trains displaced women to become cherished mothers, and funds scholarships for education. Their approach empowers donors, caregivers, and children.

 By giving $1 from every school labels pack purchased and committing to $10,000 per year, Name Bubbles was able to support the education of one orphanage for three years in a row.

2019- | Blessings in a Backpack

For three years and counting, Name Bubbles committed to giving a minimum of $20,000 to Blessings in a Backpack through $1 dollar for every school labels pack sold, and each year we were able to surpass that amount.

Blessings in a Backpack mobilizes communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

Quarterly Giving in 2022

Every quarter in 2022, Name Bubbles has chosen four non-profits and committed to giving a minimum of $10,000 to each. 

Q1 – Women In Need  (WIN)

WIN transforms the lives of New York City homeless families by providing holistic solutions of safe housing, critical services, and ground-breaking programs they need to succeed on their own

Q2 – Double H Ranch

The mission of the Double H Ranch is to provide specialized programs and year-round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. 

Q3 – Blessings In A Backpack

Raises money to provide food on the weekend for grade school children in the U.S. who may otherwise go hungry.

Q4 – Toys For Tots

Helps bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children. 

2022 Year-long | The Positivity Project

In 2022, Name Bubbles has also committed to providing access to this revolutionary curriculum for ten schools. “Coming out of the pandemic, I understood that both families and kids were having a difficult time, then I heard about the good work that The Positivity Project is doing. Its mission is to empower America's youth to build positive relationships and become their best selves through a K-12 positive character education curriculum. I met with the founder, and I fell in love with the work the program is doing for kids, schools, and families,” shares Michelle.

The Positivity Project (“P2”) was founded by Mike and Jeff, two West Point graduates and veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, who created a program designed to empower youths to build positive thinking and build positive relationships. Michelle and Emily on our podcast, From the Basement Up, were able to interview Jeff and learn all about his personal background and his insight on building positive relationships and empowering youths.

This program focuses on teaching the 24 character strengths of positive psychology. The Positivity Project partners with schools and teachers to help combat negative thinking and create positive change all from the students’ classroom. The goal that the Name Bubbles Team wants to help achieve by 2022 is to reach 2,000 schools and 1 million students.  

Thank You for Supporting!


Michelle Brandriss smiling in front of a colorful classroom wall and celebrating $200,000 in Name Bubbles giving.

From the beginning of our philanthropic endeavors to now, we are so proud of all the amazing organizations you have helped us support. To our Name Bubbles family, thank you for supporting us and helping to make a difference in so many individuals’ lives. YOU are the reason we have hit $200,000 in giving!

While we may have reached this incredible milestone, the journey of giving back has just begun. Thank you for joining us in our journey and continuing to be with us as we continue to seek positive change in the lives of families and the community.


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