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Name Bubbles Supports Sunflower of Peace and Ukraine

Ariel Luy


Jun 09, 22

A few months ago, Name Bubbles received a custom order for a few hundred iron-on labels. As usual, our Director of Customer Service, Emily Benton, was handling the custom order, but this time, her interest was piqued when she read the organization’s name.

“Sunflower of Peace” was the name that Emily read and after doing research, she discovered that the non-profit is an organization committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the Russian military invasion in the hardest hit areas of the country.

A military grade backpack filled with life-saving medical supplies with a label that reads "Sunflower of Peace".

Name Bubbles Gets Involved

In learning more about the organization, and after an enlightening conversation with one of the head volunteers, Iryna, the Name Bubbles team decided they wanted to do more. Iryna told us that the conflict in Ukraine still exists and those in Ukraine require help. With news channels and social media accounts posting less and less about this overseas tragedy, it seems as if Ukraine has slipped from the top of people’s minds. But with the recent lack of attention brought to this crisis, it means that those in Ukraine need more help than ever.

A team of three volunteers from Sunflower of Peace, an organization that supplies life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine, are standing with three of their backpacks.

How We're Giving Back

With this strong plea for help, our team at Name Bubbles decided to help however we can and to do what we do best: make stickers. So, meet our newest sticker, Hearts for Ukraine, that was designed to support the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Whenever these stickers are ordered, $2 from each purchase is going directly to Sunflower of Peace. These items are now available for purchase on our website.

How our Name Bubbles Family can Help

So, to our Name Bubbles family, we ask you to consider buying a sticker and donating to this incredible organization, Sunflower of Peace. Even a simple $25 donation on this side of the world will fund a tourniquet and help Sunflower of Peace save 1 life all the way on the other side of the world.

A large grouping of military grade backpacks that are being sent to Ukraine and are filled with life-saving medical supplies by Sunflower of Peace.

Thank You!

We are humbled that our labels can help their life-saving medical supplies and backpacks get into the right hands. And, we are honored to be able to spread the word about this wonderful organization to our Name Bubbles family and create stickers that can help provide aid to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

An image of a soldier standing in front of a military medical car with his Sunflower of Peace backpack.

Learn More

 To learn more about Sunflower of Peace, click here:

To donate to the organization, click here.

To buy lifesaving supplies from the organization’s Amazon wishlist, click here.

To purchase our stickers in support of Ukraine, click here.

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