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Name Bubbles is Giving Back to Toys for Tots

Ariel Luy


Sep 29, 22

‘Tis the season for giving! Whether it is gifts, delicious meals, time spent with family, or valuable memories, generosity is never lacking when Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah roll around. Speaking of giving: The Name Bubbles family is excited to announce that we are giving back to Toys for Tots in the fourth quarter!

What is Toys for Tots?

Toys for Tots was established in 1947 by a Marine and his wife, Major Bill and Diane Hendricks. Diane asked her husband to deliver a few handmade dolls to an agency that helped children in need. From its start in 1947, Toys for Tots has taken off and now distributes “an average of 18 million toys to 7 million less fortunate children annually.” 

How Toys for Tots Helps

The organization has been building hope since 1947 and has distributed over 604 million toys to 272 million children to date.

Organized by Marines, Toys for Tots shares that their partnerships with “local business leaders play key roles.  They allow Coordinators to locate drop-off/collection boxes in their stores; provide free warehouse space for storing and sorting toys during October, November and December; provide vehicles to collect toys from drop-off sites; sponsor toy raising events; and help Coordinators arrange media exposure for Toys for Tots in the local community.”

Why Giving Matters

If you have been following Name Bubbles and our story, you may be familiar with our past charitable work. “I started our charitable arm in 2010. I’ve always been drawn to organizations that help make a child’s day a little brighter through health, happiness, and education,” shared our founder, Michelle Brandriss. To us, it’s important to not just supply families with high-quality labels but to support and give back any way we can! Our goal is to contribute to fostering healthy families and communities, which is why we partner with different organizations each quarter to bring about positive change.

Your Purchase Helps Toys for Tots

We are thrilled to announce that we have committed $5,000 to Toys for Tots and will take $1 from every Clothing Labels sale to give to this incredible organization. Our Clothing Labels are not only adorable, they are extremely functional for you and your family. Our Stick-On and Iron-On Clothing Labels are easy to apply and are both laundry-proof and waterproof. These are great for winter jackets, cold weather accessories (mittens, hats, scarves), and sweaters that might be left around the school classroom or playground! 

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