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Reasons Why You Need to Label Everything Before Sending Your Child Off to Daycare

Rob Robles


Jun 11, 21


Reasons Why You Need to Label Everything Before Sending Your Child Off to Daycare

Labels, labels, labels!

We’re in the business of labels, so we know how important they are, but as a parent, you’re quickly going to realize how a simple label can save the day. Honestly, they’re one of the handiest tools you can have, and they’re just so darn fun and cute.

Start daycare off on the right foot by ordering a Name Bubbles Daycare Value Pack beforehand and labeling everything. We really mean it - everything can get a label, and we’ve come up with the right ones to get the job done.

Types of Labels You’ll Want for Daycare
There are a few essential labels you’ll want to have before your child goes to daycare or anywhere else. The tags aren’t just so people know whose t-shirt belongs to whom – there are some really practical and sometimes critical reasons to use labels. 

    • Bottle Labels. Write-on bottle labels can be ordered with your child’s name on them, so you don’t have to write it on every time. But the write-on part lets you record the date of the milk, how much there is, and what time of day it’s to be given. Or you can write anything you want on them.
Name Bubbles premium daycare labels.
  • Snack Labels. Waterproof and dishwasher-safe labels are ideal for bento boxes, Tuperware, and other snack containers you’ll be sending to daycare with your little one. This means there’s never any confusion and your finicky eater will get the snack you specifically prepared.
  • Medical Labels. Probably our most important labels, medical labels can be used to inform staff of your child’s healthcare needs. They can include use instructions for labeling medications or medical kits. They can have your doctor’s and your phone number on them for emergencies. There are several ways to use these labels, and if your child has any medical concerns, these can make all the difference if there is an urgent situation.
  • Name Labels. Whether you want labels for clothing, shoes, backpacks, school supplies – whatever it is, we have the labels you need. You can’t guarantee that everything you buy will make it back home, but you can certainly up the odds with labels. From a favorite blanket to a computer tablet, give them a personalized label, and there’s a good chance they’ll find their way back to you.

Why Label Everything
If you’re at all on the fence about whether you should label something or not, we say lean into it and slap on that label. But, all joking aside, there are some really great reasons to label everything. And not just for daycare, you’ll find that using tags throughout your child’s experiences and even throughout the home can make your life easier.

    • Share information. If your child has a food allergy or a health concern, medical labels quickly and easily convey that information. They can also be customized to provide instructions in case of an emergency.
Name Bubbles Cupcake Daycare Labels Pack.
  • Avoid mix-ups. If bottles aren’t labeled, how does your daycare keep them straight? What about everything else you send to daycare, school, and camp?
  • Keep track of expensive items. Losing a t-shirt or two isn’t a big deal; losing a computer or phone is. Contact Labels help people return your lost items.
  • Don’t lose t-shirts, towels, shorts, shoes, socks, etc. If there’s a way to avoid losing these things, then why not do it. Clothing Labels can be stuck to any tag or even to brand imprints, and they’ll stay put. No clothing tags? Then use our Iron-On Clothing Labels – problem solved.
  • Avoid the dreaded lost-and-found. Nobody likes digging through a lost-and-found box, especially one that’s filled with germy items. If daycare staff can find your name label on something, they won’t throw it in the box; they’ll put it with your other supplies.
  • Ownership. When your child is old enough to notice their name, they’re going to realize their stuff has their name on it. That creates a wonderful sense of ownership and pride, leading to a greater sense of responsibility and a desire to take care of their things.
  • Fun. Really – who doesn’t like stickers? They’re fun to put on stuff, ours are seriously cute, and they can put a smile on your face. We know kids love stickers which is why we’ve made many of our labels with friendly characters, sporty themes, pretty flowers and rainbows, and more. We also have a line of stickers that your little one can use to customize their stuff. It’s fun for everyone.

Thank you again for joining us for another edition of The Weekly Bubble! Remember, labeling everything that leaves your front door is the optimal way to make sure everything returns home with your little one at the end of each day..

We’ll talk to you next week!

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