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Labeling for Fall Sports

Rob Robles


Jun 11, 21

Labeling for Fall Sports

Can you sense it? The weather is getting cooler, the leaves will soon begin to change colors, and fall youth sports will be making their spirited comeback!

Soccer, football, tee-ball, baseball, cheerleading, cross country, track, lacrosse, golf, field hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, the list of sports your little ones (and not so little ones) might be involved in this fall goes on and on. There are individual sports, team events, school sports, after-school activities, rec leagues – it feels endless, and along with the long days of driving to lessons or practices or games, there is a long list of supplies and equipment you need to purchase. And that list can add up fast.

Name Bubbles sports labels pack. We hate to add one more item to your list, but labels can save the day and will more than pay for themselves in the long run. Not only that, but labels are the ticket to avoiding the dreaded lost-and-found box. With all of your kids’ sporting goods and supplies (or almost all of them) labeled, their stuff will find its way back to you before getting dumped in the lost-and-found, being captured by someone else and claimed as theirs, or winding up in the shared sporting gearbox.

Our Name Bubbles Sports Labels Pack gives you several different size and shape options for labeling, and we have a few sports-themed ones you might want to check out. Our new soccer design just hit the shelves, and we expect it to be a fan favorite in short order.

How to Use Sporting Labels
Now, these tips aren’t just for the kiddos in your family who play sports. Everyone can stand to label their stuff sometimes. We now live in a world where you might want to rethink adding your weights, yoga mat, or other gear to the gym collective and letting other people use them. Labeling, storing, and sanitizing your equipment is the safer alternative.

Our sports packs come with 12 small rectangular labels, two square contact labels, four shoe labels, and 40 circle clothing labels. This is typically enough for one sport, but can be stretched to cover several.

The laminated stickers are easy to use, and they’re waterproof. Yes, that means you can label a swimming suit, beach toys, paddles, paddleboards, kayaks, and other water-themed items. It also means you can label water bottles and toss them in the dishwasher again and again without worrying about the label coming off and getting stuck in the inner workings of the washer—the same with your clothes washer and dryer.

For best results, apply the stickers to clean and dry surfaces and then let them rest for 24 hours before washing.

Sporting Labels for Clothing
The sports labels pack comes with peel-and-stick Clothing Labels. These labels are super easy to use, and they adhere wonderfully as long as they’re not attached directly to the garment fabric. They’re designed to stick to care tags or size tags in clothing. If your child prefers tagless clothes, then a brand stamp inside the garment can do the trick and will hold the label in place.

If there isn’t a brand stamp or a tag to affix your label to, we have another solution. Our personalized Iron-On Clothing Labels will adhere directly to the fabric so even your child’s socks can be labeled. And, because you get to pick where the labels go, you don’t have to worry about them itching or annoying. You can apply them to the inside or the outside of the garment.

What Can You Put Sports Labels On
The answer is just about anything, but then again, maybe not. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to apply them to golf balls (and other similar items) because that would alter performance. Also, labels are not intended to be used on rubber or silicone surfaces. But that still leaves a lot of options.

Name Bubbles soccer labels.
  • Soccer shoes
  • Golf clubs and bags
  • Baseball bats
  • Uniforms
  • Swimming suits
  • Hockey and Lacrosse sticks
  • Running and track shoes
  • Backpacks and totes
  • Paddleboards and paddles
  • Gymnastics and dance leos
  • Other sports shoes
  • Etc.

It’s another list that goes on and on. Especially when you also consider the plastic containers of treats you bring for them after the game, your stadium seats and lawn chairs, thermos containers and coolers, and everything else involved with your family being active in their favorite sports. There’s a lot of investment there, and simply slapping on a few labels can protect your budget. Make sure you explore all of our label options, not just the sporting packs. You might find a way to use some of our other labels in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.

Thank you again for joining us for another edition of The Weekly Bubble! If you have any questions about prep for fall sports that we did not cover here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’ll talk to you next week!

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