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Score Big with Name Bubbles: Personalized Labels for Sports Gear Your Kids Will Love!

Ariel Luy


Aug 14, 23

Elevate Your Game with Customized Labels for Young Athletes

Every parent knows the excitement and joy of watching their kids engage in sports and physical activities. Whether it's soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics or swimming, seeing your child give their all on the field or court brings a moment of pride. But in between the moments of pride and cheering on the court are the moments of scrambling to find gear, ushering kids to practices and games, and trying to keep everything clean and organized. 

Here at Name Bubbles, we understand the importance of keeping your kids' sports gear organized, easily identifiable, and stylish. Sports equipment is expensive and once knee pads, gloves, or jerseys get mixed up in the lost-and-found, it’s hard to identify what belongs to who without proper labeling. We want to introduce you to our personalized name labels. They don’t just ensure your child's belongings never get lost, but they also add a touch of individuality to their sports gear with our multitude of adorable designs. Intrigued? Let's dive into how Name Bubbles can help your young athletes score big with personalized labels for sports!

Why Personalized Labels Matter:

Imagine the scene: the soccer field is abuzz with activity as kids run, kick, and score goals. Your child’s team wins, and they’re hollering with joy and running back and forth across the field. Amid the excitement, your son or daughter leaves behind their water bottle, shin guards, and cleats! Now you have to try and find the lost-and-found, and once you’ve found it, you’re digging through a giant cardboard box with a ton of equipment that looks vaguely the same. It's so easy for sports gear to get misplaced or accidentally swapped with a teammate's. 

This is where Name Bubbles steps in. Our personalized labels are designed to stick to various surfaces, from water bottles to helmets, sneakers to swim goggles. On top of being durable, they are also waterproof, laundry-safe, freezer safe and dishwasher-safe, which means they’re perfect for sports gear that will endure a ton of use, sweat, and wash. By sticking these labels to your child's sports equipment, you ensure that their belongings stay with them, reducing the chances of mix-ups and loss, which means a decrease in stress and parents’ money spent repurchasing items!

Customization for Every Athlete:

One size does not fit all, especially regarding personal style. Name Bubbles offers various design options for your child's interests and preferences. From vibrant colors and cool patterns to sport-specific icons, your young athlete can choose labels that resonate with their individuality. For the young soccer player, budding lacrosse star, or competitive cheerleader, we have a full collection page of all our Sports Labels and designs. Your child will delight in being able to represent their interests and individuality on all their sports gear. As a previous blog post shared, personalized name labels can help boost school performance and a sense of self. To learn more about the psychology behind Name Bubbles, read our recent blog post here, and to learn specifically about Name Bubble’s effect on school performance, click here

Easy Application and Removal:

So now that you’ve purchased your first set of Name Bubbles labels, you’re most likely wondering: How do I apply them? Applying our labels is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly design. The adhesive used is strong enough to stay put, and after curing for 24 hours, our labels become waterproof and wash-safe. Even for materials like clothing, we have specifically made Clothing Labels, Iron-On Clothing Labels that are extremely permanent, and Shoe Labels for sneakers and cleats. 


At Name Bubbles, we understand that being a parent means being a cheerleader, coach, and organizer all in one. Whether it’s screaming loudly on the sidelines, scrubbing grass stains out of gear, or trying to find baseball mits or jerseys, with our personalized name labels, you can add a new title to that list: protector of sports gear. Empower your young athletes to excel on and off the field by giving them the confidence that their gear is as unique as they are. Name Bubbles has you covered- from the swimming pool to the soccer field. Gear up for success with personalized labels that will make both you and your kids proud!

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