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8 Thanksgiving Quotes for Which We Are Thankful

Rob Robles


Nov 25, 20

Thanksgiving is on the shortlist of our favorite holidays. The whole ensemble of this day of gratitude is uplifting. Having the day off from work, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, reconnecting with those beloved extended family members, and maybe a little bit of football.

For those lucky enough to be playing the part of guest, as opposed to host, it’s a holiday where the only thing expected of you is to show up with a dish, put on a happy face, and stuff that happy face with endless amounts of comfort food and wine. You can’t beat that!

While our stomachs may be filled with delicious food, the true meaning and blessing of Thanksgiving is nourishment for our soul. It’s a day to put the chaos of this year aside and to give thanks for all of the blessings we have in our lives. To forget about things we don’t have and focus on all of the good we have around us. So many things and annoyances become so small once we realize how lucky we are.

To get us in the festive spirit, we’ve collected eight of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed quotes into one list for your enjoyment.

If you like these quotes and you want to try something new this holiday, then we recommend downloading our Thanksgiving Quote Seating Cards! Perhaps it’ll help your guests get even more into the thankful mood. At the very least it will add a little pizzazz to your feast! Click here to download.

  1. Print out each downloadable PDF sheet.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and snip along the cut lines. 
  3. Write your guest’s name on the blank side of the card.
  4. Fold the card down the center.
  5. Place the card at the guests’ respective spots at the table.

Name Bubbles Thanksgiving Quote Cards Combined

So without further ado, here are our top 8 favorite Thanksgiving quotes of 2020!:

1. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #1

2. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #2  3.  Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #3

4. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #4 5. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #5

6.Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #6

7. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #7

8. Thanksgiving quotes of 2020! Quote #8

That was bellyful of laughs and feel-good quotes! Thank you again for joining us here on The Weekly Bubble. We are so blessed and thankful to have you as loyal customers and friends. We wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year. 

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