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Top 9 Remote Learning Parenting Tweets of 2020 (So Far!)

JoAnna Schwartz


Sep 29, 20

Top 9 Remote Learning Parenting Tweets of 2020 (So Far!)

Many of us parents realize that the new year truly begins in September - not in January. This part of the year is normally filled with the fresh smell of new school supplies and the bittersweet feeling that Summer is over. There's a sense of newness and optimism that accompanies the new school year. Oh, and getting the kids out of the house for 8 hours a day Monday through Friday is a pretty good feeling as well.

Part of the newness of this school year is the introduction of remote learning. For many of us, it's been a learning experience in and of itself. Much like many other new experiences, it takes a little time to work out the kinks and get into a flow. If you haven't seen it yet, our 8 Helpful Tips to Help with Remote Learning blog post may help provide valuable insight.

For those struggling to juggle remote learning, their jobs, and all of those other responsibilities we have as parents, we want you to know that you are not the only one in this boat! 

This year has been filled with so much ambiguity, and of course, with the unknown often comes failure. BUT it's totally ok because we're all in this together. Since laughter is the third-best medicine (behind chocolate and wine obviously), we thought we would laugh together at some of the funniest parenting fails of 2020: remote learning edition.

Online school is going to bring its own set of unique challenges. However, no matter how much preparation we seem to make, life gets in the way. Our little ones have minds of their own, and things just don't go the way that we plan them all of the time. But, this makes for excellent content, so without making you wait any longer, here's our most recent list of the top 9 parenting fail tweets. 

1. We're kicking this off with a bang! This tweet from @seamirac1979 had us belly laughing. Imagining her little one so innocently lifting a cup with such a grotesque message is too hilarious. Especially happening on the second day of school! We're sure her 5th grader will have a great rest of the school year…

This tweet from @seamirac1979

2. Next up, we have a tweet from @Furgie68. This perfectly encapsulates how our family has been dressing for approximately six months now. "Hey, if you are barely going anywhere, it's not dirty!," we say, trying to convince ourselves that it's not bad hygiene. As a bonus, we're saving the planet because it's saving water. You see, it's all how you spin it!

Tweet from @Furgie68

3. Our third tweet is from @lizsedic. We say kudos to your kid for getting her work done! Nothing else to see here. Moving on…

Tweet is from @lizsedic

4. Next, @Lisa_Ravioli details what happens when some people totally lose their sense of humor. Unclear if this suggestion is because the dancing wasn’t so great, it was too much of a distraction or just an eyesore 🤣. We weren’t there firsthand, so we cannot attest; but this is pretty funny nonetheless.  

Tweet from @Lisa_Ravioli

5. Our fifth fail comes from @daumdesign. And, honestly, we have never felt something more on a personal level. When there’s nowhere else to go besides outside - that’s where you go for a moment of clarity! Rain, shine, snow, tornado, monsoon, tsunami - that’s where you go!

Tweet from @daumdesign

6. @Happyhomes121 had a total oops moment. We’ve all been there. At least it’s heart-warming and reassuring to know that our educators are totally there for our kids. We really have to give it up to all of the teachers who are dealing with emotional kids (and parents). They are true superheroes.

Tweet from@Happyhomes121

7. Our next fail comes from @Teachurbaez. This one was another real belly laugh because we can’t imagine a school that would set up a parent this badly to fail! We don’t know a single person whose house is spotless during this craziness right now, so we’re not going to shame this momma for not having the cleanest of kitchens. We love that her child is not completely brutal with the review. This gives us hope for the next generation that they might be a little kinder. 

Tweet from @Teachurbaez

8. @KEdwardK isn’t necessarily sharing a parenting fail on this next tweet, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. We almost have to ask ourselves if this is a parenting win on his part...

Tweet from @KEdwardK

9. Our last tweet is by none other than the comedy king himself, @jimmyfallon. We have to say, it feels pretty good to know that a super-celebrity like Jimmy doesn’t have it totally together when it comes to online school.

Tweet from @jimmyfallon

So, as you can gather, this new year has been quite eventful for all of us. We are sure it’s going to continue on with its fair share of challenges and failures. But, with the failure hopefully comes laughter. So, if you have had any funny parenting fails when it comes to remote learning or anything else, we would love to hear it. 

We hope you enjoyed this light-hearted edition of The Weekly Bubble, and it brought a big smile to your face because you deserve it! We look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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