Name Bubbles Is Sticking With Style

JoAnna Schwartz


Jan 27, 21

Over a decade ago, when my son was a small baby and I sent him off to daycare, I labeled his items with masking tape and a Sharpie. Soon after, I quickly upgraded to a monochromatic blue label option that another label company sold. The labels firmly stayed on the bottles after each wash. However, all of the boys' bottles at daycare had the same colored labels; thus, leading to untimely mix-ups with other children's bottles.

After a second stray bottle with a similar blue label ended up in my son's take-home bag, the idea of starting my own name label company began to occur to me. I knew I would need to make a great product, but I also knew that moms love stylish things, especially when their child's name is on them.

I studied the industry and noticed most of the competitors were in other countries and selling to parents in the United States. That's when I knew I might be on to something here, and it was with that thought I jumped into the niche and launched Name Bubbles to be a new choice for parents, and we have been moving forward since our launch over 12-years ago this month.

Though our kids' label styles have changed over the years, our labels' design was crucial. I wanted to give parents a lot of color options and styles to select from.

The first style that we offered to our customers was the Multicolor Icon. It featured three colors and it had different patterns on the name label's bottom half. As you can see, this style has evolved over the years to be more modern and minimalistic; but this style remains a big fan favorite amongst our customers.

Name Bubbles Multicolor Icon 2009 and 2021

It has been fun to see the different colors that come and go with the years. The Name Bubbles' lineup of the most popular palettes in 2021 is shown below. Fun fact: two of these colorways have been mainstays in our top ten for the last ten years.

Name Bubbles color palettes 2021

Several of these color palettes were created in Name Bubbles' early stages after parents provided input for new colors they would like to see. We love hearing customer feedback and value your ideas for new labels, styles, and colors. Your feedback is worth its weight in gold, and it's what helped make Name Bubbles what it is today.

As Name Bubbles grew, we began creating labels with different design styles; we call these our themed labels. Again, these new name label designs were created mainly due to phone calls and ideas we received from our fabulous customers (thank you!). To date, we have dozens of different themes, from pandas to plaid, available in a variety of sheets and value packs for school, camp, daycare, and more.

Bring Color to Your World

Our School Labels Pack includes labels of various shapes and sizes, created to keep things coming home each day and staying out of the school’s lost and found box. We included a contact label to place on valuable items (such as laptops and phones) so you can be reached if the belongings are left behind on the bus or playground.

Name Bubbles Rainbow School Labels Pack

Our Most Popular Camp Label Style

One of the most popular designs of our camp labels selection is the Camo Style, which also comes in several colors. This Camp Labels Pack comes with extra clothing labels, including our permanent iron-on labels Pack, to make sure socks, underwear and tagless t-shirts find their way back to your camper or bunk.

Name Bubbles Camo Camp Labels Pack

Dinosaur Daycare Labels Pack

This darling Dino Pack has been the number one choice for little boys needing daycare labels. The bright and colorful labels help children spot their sippy cup or snack cup and help childcare providers avoid germy mix-ups. The shoe labels are so cute in this style and help kids learn their left from their right by lining up the design.

Name Bubbles Camo Camp Labels Pack

Contest Time!

As part of our 12-year anniversary celebration, we want to invite you to participate in a contest! We’re giving two lucky customers a $50 gift card to See below for contest entry details.

Contest 1: Facebook

  • Head to our Facebook and find our contest post pinned to the top of our page.
    • Reply to our post in the comments with a photo of your Name Bubbles labels in action, showing us how they look since you purchased them. (Bonus points if you can give the year of the purchase as well.)
      • Contest ends 2/1/21 at 11:59pm. Winner will be randomly selected and notified the following day.

        Contest 2: Instagram

        • Post a photo to your personal feed or Instagram story of your Name Bubbles labels in action, showing us how they look since you purchased them. (Bonus points if you can give the year of the purchase as well.)
          • Make sure you tag @namebubbles so that we know you entered the contest.
            • Contest ends 2/1/21 at 11:59pm. Winner will be randomly selected and notified the following day.


              Thank you again to everyone who has made this journey so special. 12 candles is pretty awesome; here’s to making the next 12 even better! We'll talk to you next time on The Weekly Bubble.

JoAnna Schwartz

I’m the Vice President here at Name Bubbles and have had a chance to work in many different areas of the company since I joined in late 2011. I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Arts in 2010. I naturally...

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