Alert Labels

Alert Labels

Alert Labels

Our medical labels are a great solution for your kids who have health concerns and medical conditions. Always on hand, our custom medical labels are waterproof and allow you to add the information needed to alert people of this vital information when you aren't around to monitor them. Add these food safety labels and emergency stickers to snack containers, water bottles, medical devices, sports equipment, backpacks, and more!

Alert Labels

Name Bubbles medical labels are designed with the needs of parents, teachers, camp counselors, and caregivers in mind. Medical label stickers are not only helpful in these areas but can oftentimes save lives as they provide a way to relay vital information (such as health conditions and care directives). Kids’ medical labels are not only made to order but also customizable to your child’s unique needs. Made from the same durable material and eco-friendly ink, these medical labels are dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe all while remaining super vibrant wash after wash. Our medical alert stickers are designed to last through the rigors of everyday health care environments, as well as the challenges of everyday life. If your child has a food allergy that you’d like to make sure their school, daycare, or sports activities are aware of, see our custom allergy labels for kids.


Where can I put medical alert labels?

These bright and easy-to-read labels make it easy for teachers, parents, and caregivers to spot them. Add our medical alert labels to lunch boxes, food containers, [water bottles](, and any other area where they are easily visible so your child’s medical information is well known.

Are medical alert labels dishwasher-safe?

Absolutely! These labels last through dishwasher cycles without fading, peeling, or coming unstuck. Not only are they safe for dishwashers, but they’re [microwave-safe]( and [freezer-safe](, too!

How can I label my child's lunch for allergies?

We offer [allergy labels]( for kids of all ages, allowing you to place labels on all your child's lunch items. Our allergy labels are perfect for lunch boxes, food containers, and bottles because they’re waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe. To keep them safe, you can personalize allergy labels with your child's name, allergy, and emergency contact information.

Where to buy allergy labels for school?

Name Bubbles offers medical alert labels for [school]( and [daycare]( Our easy-to-use customizer allows you to add your child's allergy, name, and emergency contact information to these labels. We also have a line of predesigned [allergy labels]( that cover common allergies and dietary alerts. Add these labels and stickers to your child’s gear before their adventures begin outside the home.

Do you have nut allergy stickers?

Yes! We have a [nut allergy sticker]( as part of our predesigned allergy stickers for allergies, dietary restrictions, and alerts. Our allergy stickers are waterproof, dishwasher —, microwave —, and freezer-safe.