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Name Bubbles Supports Blessings in a Backpack

Ariel Luy


Jul 08, 22

We are so excited that for the 3rd quarter of 2022, Name Bubbles will be giving Blessings in a Backpack $1 for every School Labels Pack purchased. Our goal is to give a minimum gift of $10,000 to help provide meals for children who may not have food on the weekends. With each Name Bubbles School Labels Pack purchased and a portion of the proceeds going to Blessings in a Backpack, our goal is to support this incredible nonprofit that cares for children who may otherwise be going hungry.


Blessings in a Backpack is a nonprofit organization that raises money to provide food on the weekend for grade school children in the U.S. who may otherwise go hungry. They mobilize communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America. 


The consequences of hunger are much more than a growling stomach. One in six American children may be struggling with access to food. Poor nutrition can result in a weaker immune system, increased hospitalization, lower IQ, shorter attention spans, and lower academic achievement. Children are fed during the school week by federal government programs. Blessings In A Backpack makes sure they’re getting nutritional meals over the weekend, too.


Name Bubbles began by Michelle Brandriss as a way to help parents better organize and support their children. Although the company has grown and expanded over the years, Name Bubbles has not grown out of wanting to provide parents and children support. Blessings in a Backpack is an organization that supports an important cause we prioritize: Making sure children are fed and healthy. Our goal is to care for children – whether it’s through creating name labels, printing stickers, or making sure they have meals and aren’t going hungry on the weekend – to us. Any way we can help matters. 


Children and their well-being always matter to us, which is why we are so excited to support Blessings in a Backpack. For every purchase of our School Labels Pack, we will be giving $1 to Blessings in a Backpack through the end of our third quarter. Our School Labels are great for any little one returning to or currently in school. Not only do they keep your kids organized, but they also keep important items out of the lost-and-found and make sure their lunch boxes, jackets, and backpacks are all returning home. Your purchase is helping to provide a meal for a child who would be experiencing hunger without it. You’re directly contributing to the well-being and health of a student in America and creating a better future for your wonderful kids. Join us in our mission of giving meals and helping students grow healthy and alleviate hunger by purchasing our School Labels Pack!

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