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8 Easy Halloween Costumes and Craft Ideas You Can DIY

Ariel Luy


Oct 14, 22

It’s spooky season, ghouls and boos! With the chill in the air and the racks of costumes popping up in department stores, it’s evident that Halloween is quickly on its way. While some families may take Halloween very seriously and have their costumes and activities planned months in advance, most people have no clue what they’re doing or how they’re dressing for Halloween. If you are one of those people – don’t fret; we have got you covered with this blog post. For costume and activity inspiration, we will be sharing 10 easy Halloween costumes and craft ideas you can do yourself that are kid-friendly! 


Costume One: M&M’s

The first idea is genius and so so easy. This costume idea is perfect for a big family or a group of friends. All you need are different color t-shirts, white felt, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun or safety pins. You can easily purchase a blank-colored t-shirt from any craft store, Walmart, or Amazon. To make the “m” on the t-shirt, print a photo of the M&M logo onto paper, trace it onto the felt and cut it out with scissors. Lastly, attach the “m” to the t-shirt. You can go the easy route with safety pins or use a hot glue gun for longevity. 

And just like that, you’ve created an easy and adorable M&M costume! This is a sweet costume your little boos will surely love. Name Bubbles Pro Tip: If you are making this costume for multiple people, use our Clothing Name Labels to properly label each shirt so there won’t be any confusion on Halloween night! 

Costume Two: Cat Lady

We think this costume is adorable and hilarious, plus your kid will be comfortable trick-or-treating all night long! For this costume, all you need is a robe, hair curlers, slipper shoes, fake glasses, a handful of safety pins, and small cat stuffed animals

Pin the stuffed animals onto the robe using the safety pins, pop a few rollers in your little one’s hair, and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a puuurfect cat lady! 

Costume Three: Mac ‘N Cheese

This costume makes us giggle! It’s unique, and it’s easy to recreate at home. For this cheese-y costume, you’ll need blue paper, yellow paper, a yellow long-sleeved shirt, tape, safety pins, and a pair of jeans. 

For the noodles, roll yellow paper into rolls that are the width of toilet paper. Tape them to hold them into place and then safety pin them to the yellow long-sleeve. For the blue cup, it may be easier to find a long strip of blue paper, but you can always tape individual pieces of paper together to make a large sheet. Measure the blue paper to fit your child’s waist, tape it together, and secure it to their jeans with safety pins. 

And just like preparing mac ‘n cheese in the microwave, this costume has been quickly cooked up and is ready for trick-or-treating around the block.  

Costume Four: A Rainbow

Who wouldn’t want to be a bright and colorful rainbow? This costume idea is certainly unique, and we love how eye-catching it is. For this costume, you’ll need rainbow clothing, several pool noodles in different colors, string, and white balloons. 

To make the rainbow, take your string and string it through the entire length of the pool noodle. Blow up the white balloons to make the clouds and tie them to the ends of the pool noodles with the string already looped through them. To attach all the noodles together, you can use more string, or you could use hot glue. To secure the rainbow to your little one’s back, we recommend tying all the noodles together and making loops for your kid’s arms – similar to a backpack. 

While this Halloween costume is slightly more work than the previous costumes featured, it is just too fun to pass up sharing! 

Costume Five: Gumball Machine

How fun is this gumball machine costume? For this look, you’ll need a blank white t-shirt, red pants, a ton of multicolor pom poms, hot glue, and white, black, and grey felt to make the dispenser. 

Find a free evening, put a spooky Halloween movie on, and get to hot-gluing these pom poms to the white t-shirt. To make the gumball dispenser, cut pieces of felt and hot glue them together. You can either hot glue the felt dispenser directly to the t-shirt or use a strip of fabric or ribbon to fashion it into a belt. 

Pair your gumball t-shirt and felt dispenser with a pair of red pants, and your sweet costume is complete! 


“BOO” a Friend!

We shared this fun Halloween activity on the blog a few years ago, and we’re bringing it back! When you “BOO” a friend, you bring treats or something special to their home, leave it on their front porch, ring their doorbell, and leave it unseen. 

It’s a sweet Halloween tradition that could be fun for you and your family to partake in! 

HERE is a free “You’ve been BOOed” printable that your children can color in! Use this fun sign to let friends and family know they’ve been BOOed! 

Putting together Ghost Gift Bags

Another fun activity and easy craft idea for your family is to make ghost gift bags! Think of a Ghost Gift Bag as the Halloween equivalent of an Easter basket. Fill a small bag with candy and Halloween-themed items, and add our free Ghost Bag Toppers for a festive flair. 

These Ghost Bag Toppers are available to download HERE and feature our adorable ghost design from our sister company, Sticker & Co. 

Here are a few ideas on what to include in your Ghost Gift Bags: 

Halloween Movie Night and Coloring Party

Our last easy craft idea is to host your own at-home movie and coloring night! We have two adorable free coloring sheets you can print on our website. The first is a ghost coloring sheet you can download HERE. The second is a frighteningly fantastic haunted house you can print out HERE

Spend an afternoon watching a festive fall or Halloween movie and color our fun printables! If you’re looking for a kid-friendly Halloween movie, you could stream Hocus Pocus, Hotel Transylvania, or Spookley the Square Pumpkin. 

While watching the movie, grab some colored pencils, crayons, and our coloring sheets and set up an activity station. 

This is a virtually free and easy craft idea that allows you to get into the Halloween spirit without creating a messy craft or spending a ton of money. 


So there you have it! We hope you feel more prepared for Halloween and if you try out any of these costumes or crafts, make sure to tag us on social media. 

For more DIYs and ideas, check out our past blog posts HERE.  

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