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Allergy and Medical Alert Labels for Kids

Rob Robles


Apr 30, 21

It's almost summer camp time again, and it looks like there will be ample opportunities for your little one to get out of the house and explore the world. Of course, safety and keeping them healthy are at the forefront of your mind, especially as we begin to make our way out of a pandemic. But for you, your child's health concerns are always there.

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, so this is the perfect time to talk about the health issues that your child faces every day. You're used to being a little extra cautious and careful. Having asthma and allergies is not uncommon these days, and it just means a little more vigilance, some precautions, and having medication(s) handy.

Introducing Medical Alert Labels
To help you protect your child no matter where they go and what they're doing, we've created Name Bubbles Medical Alert Labels. These labels can be a literal lifesaver and not just for kids with allergies and asthma. They're designed to give you peace of mind and an added layer of protection.

Name Bubbles kids Allergy Labels. Because our labels are designed to stay in place and not fade, they're a reliable option even through the dishwasher. You can trust that the medical alert sticker you put on in May will stay on through the camp season and even longer - as long as no one picks it off.

Making them even more valuable and beneficial, they're customizable. If you want to label your child's snack containers with their food allergies, you can. If you want to tag their backpack to let the camp staff know about their diabetes, that's possible. You can even label their medical kit with specific instructions in case of an emergency. If you want to relay information quickly and easily about your child's medical conditions when you're not around, these medical alert labels are your solution.

While we offer labels with specific alert text that reads "Allergy Alert," our Safety Labels are even more versatile. In addition to personalizing a Safety Label with your child's name and up to four lines of information, you can also customize the alert text!

Where to Use Medical Alert Labels
We've come up with a few different ways you can use medical alert labels, but this is not an exhaustive list. We know you'll come up with a lot more uses than we could, and some that are way more creative. This list is to get you started and to help you add that layer of protection as your little explorer ventures out into the world:

Backpacks. Quickly and easily provide information on your child's health issues that travels with them.
Snack containers. Putting your little nugget's name on their snack containers is a great way to make sure you get your containers back. Adding a medical label ensures that their food allergies are top of mind when it comes to snack time.
Medical kits. If your little one carries a medical kit, having it labeled can prevent it from getting lost or mixed up with another. Additionally, having the instructions on a label can mean everything.
Inhalers. If your kid totes around an inhaler, you probably have had to replace more than one that they've lost. Labeling can help that precious prescription find its way back to you. Labels customized with instructions can give others the necessary information to help, should the need arise.
Walls or files. Check with your daycare, camp, or school and ask if they have an "emergency station." Some use wall space, cupboard doors, or files for emergency information, so it's easy to find when needed. If they do, see if they'd be willing to put up your child's medical alert sticker. It will peel off if someone deliberately removes it so it's not permanent.

How to Use Medical Alert Labels Name Bubbles kids Medical Labels.
What will you customize your medical alert labels to say? We have a couple of suggestions that are popular with other parents:

Child's name. This is the most obvious thing to add to their allergy or medical alert sticker.
Medical concern. You'll want to specify what their health issue is so people know how to respond.
Contact information. You can list the doctor's name and number, your name and number, both Mom's and Dad's phone numbers, etc.
Specific instructions. Tell people what to do if there's a problem. In an emergency, it's always good to have clear instructions, so there's no confusion. Even when there's no emergency, if daily medication is part of your child's routine, giving instructions on when and how to take their meds avoids confusion.
Allergies. Listing the allergies your kid has means you don't have to rely on them remembering.

Why You Should Use Name Bubbles Medical Alert Labels
There are a lot of different ways to label things, but we think our medical stickers stand out as the best option for several reasons:

Designed to last. Our labels are not made of paper, which means that they can stand up to just about anything and still be easy to read and understand.
Waterproof. Yes, even through multiple washes, they're designed to hold fast and always be legible.
Standout. They're bold and noticeable. Even if there is a cupboard full of supplies for daycare kiddos, your child's belongings will be easily spotted if there's an emergency because our labels get noticed.
Customizable. Having your doctor's name and number and your name and number right there for everyone to see is simply a must.
Peace of mind. Probably the most important reason to rely on Name Bubbles, our labels give you peace of mind.

Thank you again for joining us for another edition of The Weekly Bubble! We hope this blog post was informative for you and your children. If you have any questions about our Safety Labels, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’ll talk to you next week!

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