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Don’t Forget the Iron-On Labels, A Camper’s Secret Weapon

Sometimes there's nothing better than good, old-fashioned ingenuity.

The iron-on trend started in the 1970s, but has found a second peak in our modern market. You can even make the argument that they're even more useful now than ever before, as Name Bubbles has resurrected the Iron-On in customizable label form.

As parents prep for summer camp season, they should keep in mind that these permanent labels are a secret weapon against losing your supplies and other belongings.

How many times have you sent your kids to an overnight camp, a slumber party, or even a backyard tenting excursion, and suddenly they have fewer socks than when they started? Other than the improbable existence of an actual sock monster (not ruling this out btw!), there's no explanation for this phenomenon. The good news is that by using iron-on labels, those socks tend to find their way back home – eventually.

Where to Use Iron-On Labels.
Obviously, your kid's socks desperately need labels. But what other fabric items could you label and save money by not having to replace them regularly? Is your mind already running through their entire wardrobe?

There are so many different ways to use our iron-on's that we've come up with a list to help you get started. We're also confident that this list will get the wheels turning and prompt you to think of other places you can use the labels. You'll soon see why they'll be a must for camping adventures: Name Bubbles iron-on labels are perfect for facemasks.

• Socks
• Underwear
• T-shirts (especially tagless ones)
• Shorts/pants
• Pajamas
• Swimsuits
• Face masks
• Coats/jackets
• Scarves, mittens, and hats
• Umbrellas
• Knapsacks/bags
• Diaper bags
• Bibs
• Pillows
• Towels/beach blankets
• Sleeping bags
• Cloth lawn chairs or camp chairs
• Cloth dolls and snuggly buddies

What else do you bring that could use a good iron-on label? Once you get rolling, you'll find that labeling your stuff can be kind of addictive, and you'll find so many things that can benefit from a name tag.

How to Use Name Bubbles Iron-On Labels.
Ready to learn how to properly use Name Bubbles Iron-On Labels? It's super easy, and if you follow the directions, you'll be pleased with the results and surprised at how long they last without peeling or fading:

Step One: Start with a clean, dry surface.
Step Two: Peel the label off the sheet.
Step Three: Heat your clothing iron to the hottest cotton setting.
Step Four: Position your label onto the clothing, text side up. This is important because some iron-ons are placed on the garment upside down. Not these. The text on these faces up, so it's legible.
Step Five: Cover the iron-on with parchment paper. We include some parchment paper in your order, just in case you don't have any. It can be used over and over again.
Step Six: Firmly press the hot, dry iron onto the parchment paper for 15-20 seconds. Hold the iron in place, don't move it around as you would if you were ironing.
Step Seven: Check to see if the iron-on has adhered. Pay particular attention to the edges. If it seems like they're curling or it's not affixed tightly, repeat step six.
Step Eight: Let the iron-on cool, and it's best to let it rest for up to 24 hours before using or washing.
Step Nine: Move on to your next iron-on item.

If you’re more of a visual learner, we have a super helpful how to video breaking down the steps for applying iron-on labels. You can check that out below!

That's it, nine simple steps that will take you less than five minutes. If you are prepped with several items, you can crank them out in no time at all.

Other Benefits of Using Name Bubbles Iron-Ons.
While labeling your stuff helps you keep track of them, there are many other great reasons to use an iron-on to tag your clothing and gear. We've come up with some of our favorite extra benefits:

No scratchy tags. If you cut out tags to prevent skin irritation, you still have a way of labeling clothing.
Reliable labeling on most fabrics. Most of your clothing and gear are made of material that's perfectly safe for the heat required to adhere an iron-on. If you can iron the fabric, you can label it with an iron-on!
Goes directly on the fabric. While we do have sticker labels that work wonderfully on tags and some of them work on brand imprints, iron-ons are exactly what you need when that's not an option.
Stays in place through any wash and care cycle. Washing machine safe for convenient washing – again, and again, and again.
Survives the dryer without melting. Not only do these clothing labels survive the washing machine, they're also designed to last in the dryer. It doesn't get easier than that.
Made from premium material and eco-friendly ink. Feel good about the products you're buying and putting next to your child's skin.
Waterproof. They can even be used on swimwear. Imagine that, an iron-on that survives a summer at the pool. Even better – imagine your kid having the same suit at the end of swimming season as they did when they started.
Long-lasting and easy to read, even after many washes. A contact label or name tag doesn't do you much good if it's impossible to read after a few washes. That's why ours are so popular – they're super easy to read, even after many washes.

Thank you, as always, for joining us on The Weekly Bubble! If you have any questions about iron-on labels, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will happily assist you in any way we can.

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