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Back-to-School: Why Labeling Everything is the Way to Go

 It's no secret - we love labels! Everything about them makes sense to us. But we've gone beyond the practical and have come up with some seriously adorable stickers and labels too. It seems like we're always coming up with a new reason to label stuff, besides the fact that it's just downright fun. Check it out.

    • Ownership and Pride. Foster a sense of ownership and pride for your child by labeling their things. Then they'll take better care of their supplies. Don't worry, this doesn't mean they won't share. They might become better at it.
Name Bubbles custom kids School Labels.
  • Avoid Arguments with Kids. Whose box of markers is that? Check the label, and you will know. If it's not labeled – well, you're asking for an all-out war grade school style.
  • Saves Money. Sure, losing a glue stick or box of crayons isn't going to break you, but add in that expensive jacket, a treasured scarf knit by grandma, and the millions of other things your little one loses track of, and that money adds up quickly.
  • Saves Time. First of all, you save time by not having to run back to the store to get the supplies your child lost yesterday and desperately needs tomorrow. You also save time because you don't have to spend as much of it looking for lost stuff – it finds its way back to you.
  • No Lost and Found. Anybody else dread the gross barrel of lost and found junk? This is not a fun place to go digging through, and yet every parent has to face it at some point. Now, we're even more aware of how germy it is. When your kids' clothing and supplies have labels, the staff can easily see who the item belongs to and return it, rather than dumping it in lost and found.
  • More Sanitary. We're in a strange place now, where society is more aware of germs and contact spread of contagions. It's simply safer to have your own supplies and not share. Things will probably change in the future, but for now, labeling and keeping track of individual items is safer.
  • No Scratch. If your child hates scratchy tags in their clothing, iron-on labels let you cut out tags without worrying about not writing their names.
  • Organization. If you have the urge to organize, labels are the answer to your desires. They help you add structure to your disorganized world.
  • Messages and Reminders. Write-on stickers let you leave notes that can be erased and changed. Perfect for out-the-door, last-minute reminders.
  • Adds Smiles. Sometimes seeing an adorable little sticker with their name can brighten your little one's day.


We Have Labels for Everything!

When we say you can and should label everything – we mean it. Name Bubbles labels cover everything from clothing to coloring books to cowboy boots and anything in-between. How do we do this? If there's a need, we'll find a way. That's why we have such a large variety of versatile labels.

Iron-On Labels
The handy iron-on's are simple to apply and hold tight. They are a more permanent option than stickers and last through wash after wash.

New to Iron-On Labels? Check out our how-to video that breaks the process into a few easy steps.

Press & Stick Clothing Labels
Don't want to go through the hassle of ironing? That's okay. If there's a clothing label or even a clothing imprint they can hold onto, these labels do the trick. They adhere surprisingly well, almost as good as our iron-on's, but they do come off if you pick at them – which can be a good thing with donations and hand-me-downs.

Name Labels
These little delights come in many sizes, colors, different characters, and they can be stuck on just about anything. Not only that, but they're washable too, so go ahead, throw them on lunch boxes, water bottles, and other things that will go in the dishwasher. They'll come out looking as good as they did going in.

Contact Labels
Sometimes you need more than just a name. Use contact labels for expensive toys, equipment, electronics, treasured and irreplaceable items, and anything that you desperately want to be returned if lost. Add up to three lines of contact information. Classroom numbers, schools, names, phone numbers, addresses, emails – whatever you want.

Name Bubbles custom kids Medical Alert Labels Labels. Shoe Labels
We love our shoe labels. Of course, they help your little one keep track of their shoes, but you can also pick split designs that help them tell the right shoe from the left one. Ingenious!

Medical Labels
These are just the smartest labels ever! They can be tagged with allergy information, your name and number, and the child's doctor's name and number. Or you can use them to list your child's medical alert information and stick them to their backpacks and other prominent places. We love the idea of using the labels on medications or first aid boxes with the instructions clearly written out, so there is no confusion.

Write-On Labels
Whether you love write-on labels for their versatility, customize your organization efforts, or just for fun, they are ideal. You can label a bento box with your child's name and a special message, then erase it and write a new one for tomorrow's lunch. The uses are pretty limitless, and the fact that these labels are waterproof, writeable, and reusable makes them a must-have.

Design Your Own
Select from different icons, styles, colors, and fonts and create customized labels for your supplies. They don't have to be for your kids – you might find you enjoy labeling your stuff, too.

Value Packs
Our best deals by far are our value packs. Not only do you get a variety of stickers, but you get a ton of them! This makes it super easy to label all of your supplies for camping, sports, school, and other events where you have different-sized items. Pick what works, slap it on, and be confident that labeling everything is the way to go.

Thank you again for joining us for another edition of The Weekly Bubble! Remember, labeling everything that leaves your front door is the optimal way to make sure everything returns home at the end of the day.

We’ll talk to you next week!

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As the Founder and President of Name Bubbles, it’s difficult to believe that nearly 15-years ago, I began thinking of starting a kids’ name label business in my basement office. My son was a toddler, and I was learning and living the early stages ...

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